November Schedule
Sunrise Cave Meditation
Sunrise Cave Meditation
San Nicolas
Sunday November 14th
6.00 - 8.30 am
limited group size
location will be shared upon registry

Sunrise Meditation, Relax in Nature, Tea Circle
Caves are one of my favorite places to meditate, the silence is deep and the energy of this sacred site is powerful.
Come enjoy the ocean view and the peaceful silence.
Bring your favorite book to read afterwards in the breezy shade of the surrounding trees. In the tea circle we share our book wisdom or insights.

Sunrise Meditation Walk
Sunrise Meditation Walk
Spanish Lagoon
Sunday Nov 21th
6.00 - 8.30 am
Silent Walk ~ Meditation ~ Tea Circle
limited spots
Parent Child Rainbow Circle Camp
Parent Child Rainbow Circle Camp
Sat Nov 27th - Sun Nov 28th
5.30 pm - 7.00 am
  • 1 parent per child, ages 4 & up

Yoga - Storytelling ~ Singing ~ Games ~ Marshmallow roasting (ofcourse!!)
receive location & details upon registration
limited group size

Camping is my favorite family activity. I camped with my kids since they were 2 yrs old. We would put a mattress by the ocean and slept under the stars. It is truly bonding and refreshing to interact with your children outside of the household structure. You discover new things about their personalities and of your own!
Get adventurous and sign up!

1 Day Silent Retreat
"Reflections & Manifestations"
Sunday December 12th
6.00 am-5.30 pm
Sunrise Meditation ~ Yoga & Mindfulness ~ Journaling ~ Vision Board
limited group size
" Unity" Full Moon Ecstatic Dance
'Unity' Full Moon Ecstatic Dance
under the stars...
Sunday December 19th
Starts at Sunset
no more words needed.....
receive location & details at sign up
Weekly Classes
Butterfly Farm Meditation
Wednesdays 7.15 - 8 am f12

at Island Yoga
Thursday 7-8 pm

for info & sign up
297 - 6618133 or reply to email