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From Second to First and Back Again: Roles and Leadership inside a Professional String Quartet

A Zoom Session with
Will Fedkenheuer

“Sometimes leadership comes with a title and sometimes it doesn’t. Regardless
of the role you are in, anyone can make it a leadership moment if they choose to.”
– Will Fedkenheuer

Join us on Thursday, November 12, at 7:00 p.m. PT for a Zoom session with violinist William Fedkenheuer of the Miró Quartet, where he will share insights from his life as a first and second violinist.

In describing the seminar, Will says “I will center this within the construct of the string quartet – our roles and where leadership appears to be – and deconstruct that with the reality of how I view setting up a leadership structure that works for us and how we use it. This would start to open up what leadership looks like, and I will also talk a little bit about how leadership might show up when there is no explicit invitation or expectation.”

The event is free, but advance registration is required. For more information, see www.oicmf.org; to register, contact sarah@oicmf.org.
Back by Popular Demand, for a Limited Time Only!

Those who watched our 23rd Season found it a truly special and remarkable experience, one not to be missed. If you did miss it, or if you watched but would like to experience it again, we have some very exciting news for you. Beginning on November 12 (in conjunction with the seminar led by Will, described above), the Festival, all 13 concerts, will be available for viewing at your leisure through December 31, 2020.

There are two options available – you can watch any and all you want from when you sign up through the end of the year for $100 (plus $15 service fee) or for one week for $15 (plus $2.50 service fee). Start watching on November 12, or any time you’d like after that, at ourconcerts.live/orcasisland
A Grammy Contender!

The Miró Quartet’s amazing recording of Beethoven: Complete String Quartets has been nominated for two Grammy Awards in Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance and Classical Compendium. You can get your copy of this monumental 8-CD set at the OICMF Website.
Orchestral Beethoven - A Message from Jon Kimura Parker

"On March 9 I was in Minneapolis to announce my first programmed season in my new role as Creative Partner for the Minnesota Orchestra’s Summer Programming. On March 10 I flew home to Houston on what was to be my last flight for many months. Needless to say, our Beethoven-related celebration didn’t happen in Minneapolis last summer, but we’re sure going to celebrate Beethoven’s 251st birthday next July! In the meantime, I wanted to collaborate on SOMETHING Beethoven-related, and we hit on the celebratory finale of the 1st Piano Concerto. I recorded my part using 4 cameras in my Rice University studio, and subsequently the players in the Minnesota Orchestra recorded their parts as well, some in their homes, a few in a rehearsal studio at Orchestra Hall. The considerable audio and video wizardry was subsequently done in Minneapolis. I hope that the joy of Beethoven comes through in this special performance."
There's More Coming, Save the Dates:

December 10-11The Gryphon Trio performing the Complete Beethoven Piano Trios, livestreaming from Kingston, Ontario
December 17Happy Birthday Beethoven Zoom Party with Aloysia, Jackie, the Miró Quartet, and the Gryphon Trio
Watch for details on our website and in next month’s Scherzo!
We look forward to sharing more OICMF news and events with you - keep your eyes peeled for next month's Scherzo!
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