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Spiny Puffer (Balloonfish), Mushroom Forest, Curacao, Paul Mila photo
 Welcome to the November edition of  Sea-gram,   from
This month our Scuba Network of Long Island group just returned from a Curacao dive adventure. 
Paul diving Blue Bay Gardens, Curacao, Jennifer Mayes photo.


Curacao, situated off the northern coast of Venezuela near Bonaire and Aruba, is home to very good diving. Divers who enjoy interacting with "the small stuff," such as the puffer fish in our headline photo above, and the anemone shrimp below, find it fascinating. 
Anemone Shrimp, found by dive buddy Steve Katz; Paul Mila photo.

This month's Featured Creature is the Trumpetfish, plentiful in Curacao's waters. 

This month's Story Behind the Photo section features a different kind of sea creature: underwater photographer Jennifer Mayes, who joined us on a dive to take photos of our group. 
Curacao, like most dive destinations, is home to a diverse population of interesting people, many of whom are passing through as they explore life. Jenn is certainly one of them.


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Featured Creature . . .
                    The Trumpetfish                                                               By Paul Mila, Carle Place, NY
The trumpetfish is found throughout the Caribbean, but is especially plentiful in Curacao. These "ambush hunters" are usually spotted hanging vertically, blending in with tall soft corals as they wait for unsuspecting tiny fish, which make up their diet.

 Trumpetfish, typically one-to-two feet long, are found in many colors, such as these two below. They can even change color to blend with the background:

Paul Mila photos; SeaLife 2000 with Sea-Dragon Strobe and wide-angle lens.
Story behind the Photo . . .
 Underwater Photographer,                                         Jennifer Mayes
Underwater photographer Jennifer Mayes joined our Scuba Network group one morning to take photos of us diving. 
Jenn shared her interesting background with us:

I am an experienced and well-traveled dive master and keen photographer, originally from the UK.  I have a BA honors degree in Sport and Recreation Management along with a diploma in Water Sports and Adventure Management.  
"Since graduating university I have spent the past 11 years in the dive and tourism industry working as a divemaster, snorkel guide, night club photographer, deckhand on super yachts, in addition to operating ski lifts and ski instructing in the snowy mountains --anything to get by and see the world :-)  
"Which has now brought me to my next travel and work location, Curacao :-)"

Underwater photographer Jennifer Mayes, Paul Mila photo

"One of the reason's I love to travel is the great people you meet along the way and their different stories and adventures. One of my favorite things, if not diving, is to relax in my hammock with a good book.
Please check out my website."
"Happy Bubbles,
Jenn :-)"

Thanks for sharing your story, Jenn!
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Featured Creature:


Story Behind the Photo:

                 A Different Kind of Sea Creature

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Diver removing dead sea turtles from net

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