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Baby Humpback zoomed photo
Eye-to-Eye with a Baby Humpback; Paul Mila photo, Silver Bank, Dominican Republic
Welcome to the November edition of Sea-gram,  from  

This month we're revisiting one of our favorite topics: WHALES!

Most whale species are either "Threatened" or "Endangered."   We'll take a look at why, and also share an amazing whale adventure and photos with you. 

I took this month's headline photo, Eye-to-Eye with a Baby Humpback, in the Silver Bank whale sanctuary of the Dominican Republic. Looking into the eye of a whale is a transforming experience.

This short 4-minute YouTube video was taken in Tonga, South Pacific, by Rob Barrel, on a humpback whale adventure that I was fortunate to experience with friends Judy & Jon Hemenway.

If you advance to about the 3:20 mark, watch as one of the whales begins to pirouette like a 30-ton ballerina.  A few seconds later the whale actually extends a pec fin, in what appears to be an attempt to make contact with Rob. Amazing stuff!
Humpback Whales Play With Divers in Tonga; Attempt Contact
Humpback Whales Play With Divers in Tonga; Attempt Contact

This month's Conservation Corner illustrates the threats whales face from whale hunting nations, including Russia, Japan, and Iceland.
This month's  Story Behind the Photo  article features a close encounter I had with a humpback whale in Tonga, South Pacific.

If you have a photo with an interesting story, or would like to share a good dive yarn, let me know at and I'll be happy to include your story in a future issue.
I hope you enjoy this issue of Sea-gram !
  Paul J. Mila
  Conservation Corner . . .
Humpbacks (and other whales) Need Our Help 
S ea-gram reader Tish Dace sent us this story about why humpback whales, known as "Singers of the Seas," are going silent. 
This can inhibit their ability to communicate, breed and find food:

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Sea-gram fan Tom Helmke sent us this horrible story with video, about a "Whale Jail" in Russia, where over 100 whales (Beluga and Orcas) are being kept in order to sell them to theme parks in China:
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A major threat is illegal whaling by Japan, and other whaling nations:
Example of Japanese Whale Research  
A minke whale bleeds to death at the end of the Yushin Maru's harpoon

Dead Whale Mother & Calf
Greenpeace volunteers photograph a dead mother & calf being hauled aboard a Japanese "research" vessel.   The ICR website sign posted just above the dead whales is the Institute for Cetacean Research, Japan's cover operation for illegal whaling.
 Story Behind the Photo . . .
                            Close Encounter
By Paul Mila
One sunny morning in the South Pacific I was snorkeling and free diving with humpbacks in Tonga, aboard the  NAI'A. My trip to the  "Far Side of the World" was to celebrate hitting "The Big 6-0
" a few months earlier.
I was watching several whales cavorting just ahead of me, when suddenly the water began to rock. I looked to my right and was startled to see a large humpback, easily 40 feet long, and weighing as many tons, surface right next to me. 
As we stared at each other for a couple of seconds I had the feeling that the whale was not as impressed with me as I was with him/her.
Close Encounter
I was using a wide-angle lens, but was so close that I only got the front third of the whale's body in the frame. 
The whale began to swim and let me tag along. I thought, "This is amazing. I'm actually swimming along with a humpback whale!"
I heard the whale take several explosive breath's, huge "whooshing" sounds, as it recharged it's massive lungs. 
Then the whale arched its back, raised its tail flukes, and dived. I took this photo, then watched, mesmerized, as it disappeared into the deep blue. I just floated, alone, and tried to comprehend what I had just experienced.
Humpback Diving  
   Humpback Diving for the Deep; Paul Mila photo

Photo Equipment:
SeaLife DC1000 camera with wide angle lens, set for ambient light, no flash.
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Conservation Corner: 

        Humpbacks Need Our Help!

Story Behind the Photo:
           Close Encounter

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