It's the Little Things

Rarely do I enjoy television commercials. But the Volvo EX30 – "It’s the little things" commercial captured my interest and stirred my emotions. 

It highlights a dad and his daughter doing the little things in life. The music, words to a song, and an expert filming of expressions on faces become relatable, and at the end, the words ‘It’s the little things that mean a lot’ win you over. And you want to run out and purchase a Volvo. Or at least I did…. but I didn’t. I’ll keep my car. 

My son Ron is in the commercial/film industry in Hollywood and has been for twenty years. I know for a fact that attention to detail, the little things, is imperative when filming and creating an emotional connection to the product and characters in a film or commercial and with the viewers/consumers…. making it all relatable, accessible, and attainable.  It’s the little things that mean a lot.  

In the middle years of my career in the beauty industry, I spent many hours volunteering time at cosmetology schools educating and encouraging students. My favorite subject matter was "the little things" that make a difference in building and retaining a clientele in the beauty industry or in any business that depends on repeat services. Doctors, realtors, lawyers, consultants, travel agents, sales, dentists, and therapists, are a few practitioners who must build their business, one client at a time. Every successful business has "the little things" that make it unique and special for the clients to return. 

And so it is with people. Each one of us has "little things" that convey our individual personalities and qualities and define our character to those who care about us.  And what do others want from us? Perhaps it’s as simple as a bit of our time and attention and for us to be ourselves.  It’s not always the big things that make our relationships durable and memorable. It’s the reliability of doing things that others trust we will do. Being who we are, as the saying goes; we walk our talk, and we show up as who we are. 

As Thanksgiving arrives, and the holidays begin falling into positions like dominos collapsing onto each other, we can consider not "supersizing" our expectations of big and more is better. Of course, Holiday television commercials exaggerate large family and friends' gatherings with enough food to feed a small army and lavishly decorated homes and dining tables created by Martha Stewart herself.   Instead, how about reframing our expectations of the holidays to the "little things" that make the gatherings enjoyable and memorable.

Recalling a Thanksgiving lunch at my home during the isolated Pandemic year, eight friends gathered in my home to eat and celebrate our grateful lives. We ate healthy, played Mexican Bingo, and other fun games and the only decorations on the table was a center piece from Mary Lee, a dear friend and one of the guests, and salt and pepper shakers fashioned as turkeys and pumpkins. 

The food was delicious since Chef Connie Thibault had prepared it (a big thing). The usual Thanksgiving turkey breast, gravy, veggies, cranberry relish, and crustless pies. We were together instead of being alone, we laughed and played and ate and created a Thanksgiving story we would always remember. We gave our time and attention to one another, and we were ourselves with each other. It was a big thing that we were unafraid to be close to each other and our time together meant a great deal to each one of us. It was a big little thing. 

Wishing you an enjoyable and memorable Thanksgiving. It’s the little things that mean a lot.



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Eufora Product of the Month

Eufora Elevate Style Hair Spray and Tame Frizz Control Spray

Snip tip:

Always thoroughly brush your hair out before going to bed. All hair spray has a holding element to keep a hairstyle from fly-away strands. Hair spray attracts dust particles from the environment. Thoroughly brushing nightly removes dust particles and hair spray particles as well. 

Hair and Aging – National Hair Loss Presentation – a success! 

Thank you to those attending the October 23 presentation on the effects of EMF’s on our health and wellbeing.  Here is what a few of the 40 women attending said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation at the NHL. Julie’s three-pronged presentation related to causes of hair loss and overall health, and what a single hair follicle can tell us was riveting!” -Sheila 

“Thank you NHLMA and Hilda for organizing an engaging and insightful evening.  It was an eye-opening experience to learn how impactful the food we eat, the nutrients we process and the environmental exposures we absorb impact our everyday health. Julie’s presentation raised awareness, discussion, and action to own our health!”  -Valerie

“What an amazing presentation! My head is still spinning, and I can’t wait to learn more. Thank you so much for including me.” -Judy 

"I personally believe that having your hair follicles tested is a must! Not only will it determine any vitamin deficiencies, heavy metals but also the amount of EMF’s traveling through our body wreaking havoc on our nervous systems." - Jodi


The Science of LONGEVITY.

How to Live Longer & Age Better

by, National Geographic

122 – Jeanne Calment of France, the oldest human thus far recorded, died in 1997 at 122 years, 164 days. 

2.1 – By 2050 the global population of people 60 and older will be 2.1 billion. 

95 – In the United States, nearly 95 percent of adults 60 and older report at least one chronic health condition. 

50 – A person born in the United States in 1900 held an average life expectancy of less than 50. 

100 – A typical 90-year-old brain weighs about 100 grams less than a 40-year-old brain. 

30 – Centenarian cognitive super-agers have the brain function of someone 30 years younger. 

60 – Healthy lifestyles are linked to a 60 percent reduction in the risk of developing dementia. 

29 – The longest living dog officially recorded is 29-year-old Bluey, an Australian cattle dog. 

40 – Women are 40 percent more likely than men to experience insomnia in their lifetime. 

55 – Men who eat late at night increase their risk of coronary heart disease by 55 percent. 

3 – People 105 to 109 years old – semi-supercentenarians-possess 3 classes of health-associated gut microbiota. 

40 – In the U.S. about 40 percent of premature deaths – defined as occurring before age 75 are related to lifestyle choices. 

36 – By 2050, 36 percent of Italy’s population will be 65 and older, while less than 12 percent will be younger than 15. 

2.8 – Thirty-year-old men under heavy stress shorten their life expectancy by 2.8 years. 

23 – Women with highly optimistic outlooks increase their likelihood of healthy aging by 23 percent. 

Quote of the Month

Lo Mas Valioso de la vida no es lo que temenos sino a quien temenos’

-Maria Zazueta                                                       

(The most valuable in our life is not what we have, it’s who we have.)

Yes, We Wax!

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A Million Miles Away

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Recipe of the Month

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Cranberry Relish

It's Holiday time and cranberry relish is a must!

Click here for recipe and enjoy.

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