PLUMA SNIPPETS November 2020

Holding On…Letting Go 

Celebrating Thanksgiving this year will be a new experience for most of us. Our lives have taken a detour and reconstructing and reassembling our lives has become a priority as we move toward the end of this year. But we are seeing and experiencing some sense of a new version of normality evolving and we will find our rhythm once again. As humans, we depend on inspiration, routines and relationships, not only to survive but to thrive.  Our history has left a footprint of our comebacks, rebirths and amazing successes through our customs and relations. And through it all, a sense of grace eventually arrives, and we will once again enjoy the beauty of gathering in our lives. 

The words Holding On, remind me of what is good. I hold on to the appreciation and admiration I have for my family. Not only my son and his wife and grandbabies who have remained safe and healthy through their diligence, but for my siblings and their families who have weathered the storms this year as well. We are holding on to a profounder gratitude we have for each other and feel closer because of it. A special thank you to my sister Maggie who has continually supplied us with our face masks and to my son Ron for the consistent phone calls and skypes with the grandbabies.  We are undeniably connected as the rhythm of our lives is beginning to reappear.   

 I am deeply thankful and wish to hold on to the loyal clients who have continued to walk through the doors trusting us and keeping those same doors open for business. To Samantha and Mary who have adjusted to our new version of normality in our beauty salon, I am indebted and grateful. We are a small but mighty Team Pluma. 

Holding on to my friends who generously listened and gave good counsel as I fell apart during the low times of the pandemic and raised me up again, you were right…. you can’t keep me down for too long. I’m back up, eyes open wider with what really matters…loving and caring relationships and service to those in our community of clients. 

Letting go is a bit more complicated. And we have certainly had to let go of what we thought we couldn’t live without. We let go of expectations and replaced instead with realizations. There is a graceful letting go of fear inviting us to explore our beliefs and attachments to perhaps a simpler way of thinking. 
On the upside of letting go, once again we now have a clearer vision of what matters most to us, and what we were able to release and unmistakably survive. And in some cases, are now better for having let go. 
Each one of us will have our own list to consider of what we will Hold On to and what we will Let Go of as we take on a new year. I encourage you to make a list for yourselves and ponder the benefits to your health and well-being. There is a rhythm to our lives, to our existence and to our dance with the universe.
Recently I discovered a magazine, Magnolia Journal, Inspiration for Life and Home by Joanna and Chip Gaines. Within the pages of issue no. 16 were these words:
“Through all that has changed and all that is the same, you are free to breath deep and fall into the rhythms of grace.”-MHN  

With love and thanksgiving for you,

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The older I get, the more I see how time is so precious and any old ways of being just don’t serve me anymore. I want to take more time and savor life instead of rushing to the next thing. I want to enjoy time with my friends and not feel pressured about all the ‘work’ I have to do. I want to trust my heart to know what is a ‘hell yes’ and a ‘hell no’ when it comes to making decisions.”      
-Karen Drucker, Singer, Songwriter – Living Brave…Finishing Strong


Today the art of hairstyling is a respected worthy career, and it’s here to stay as an essential service for our physical, mental and emotional well-being, including the most important component to a healthy and long life…. social interactions. 
My love and respect for the beauty industry continues. GateWay Community College has an amazing cosmetology program where those attending may also acquire college credits. Please help me help those who know education in a promising career is vital to their life success.

For those who wish to donate you may do so online: or by check payable to Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation. Mail to: GateWay Community College, 108 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85034 

Thank you for your support.

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We continue to be thankful for all of your referrals to our salon. Thank you for entrusting your friends and family members and those who stop you and ask about your hair…. even while wearing your mask. 

And may we refer you to: mortgage refinancing, real estate agents, massage therapist, upholstery, painting and more. We’ve got someone for everyone and if we don’t, we’ll find them for you….we’ve got people!