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November 2018 - 1st Edition

One last story from my visit to Congregation Kol Ami. I was there for a "solidarity shabbat" as our local Jewish community processed the terrorist attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Rabbi Elizabeth Dunsker led the community through its family history...beginning in Egypt! Through liturgy, singing and preaching, they recalled being persecuted by Babylonians, Romans and Nazis. Rabbi Dunsker focused on  quote by a German Jewish scholar "Jews preserve Shabbat and Shabbat preserves the Jews". Regardless of the status of the Temple, regardless of who occupies Jerusalem, regardless of under which regime they suffer, Jews honor the Sabbath. And in seasons of suffering, this observation reminds them of God's creative love, of joy, of the ultimate oneness of creation. As such, on Sabbath, even the cows get the day off!

I was impressed with so much that evening. And I feel a great distance between my understanding of Jesus and my understanding of his religion. I need to address that to better proclaim Jesus as Lord.

One thing I did realize is that the practices we promote in church have a preserving and teaching quality not unlike Shabbat. Weekly worship, daily prayer, regular fellowship and frequent Bible reading are like drops of water in the bucket of your spirit. Most of the time these practices are uneventful. When your spirit is challenged by life, the world, evil, sorrow, shame or loss, you will find a reservoir of hope and goodness.

So, let me say that boring, monotonous thing again. Pray hard and see you Sunday.

 - Pastor Christopher

 Hi Friends,

Here's what going down this month.

Sunday, November 11th- Youth Coffee Hour & Drive By Raking, the immediately following the All Church Thanksgiving Potluck.

Sunday, November 18th- Youth Group 3-5

Sunday, November 25th- Poinsettia Fundraiser after church & Youth Group 3-5

Friday, November 30th- go see Charles in Heritage High School's production of She Loves Me @ 7:30.

Keep an eye out for other youth performances you can attend as well this and next month.

Thanks for a month to be thankful for,
Friday, November 9th at 6 pm
Fellowship Hall

This will be the only time we meet for November. Some of us will be working on our lamps with the help of Bev. Bring your lamp materials or whatever craft you want to work on and join us for fun and fellowship as we craft!

Contact  Shiloh 541-740-8401 or Sherry 360-518-9988
  if you have any questions.

All Church T
hanksgiving PotLuck: 
Sunday, November 11th, 11:30 after Worship.

Join us as we come together  with our church family to celebrate all we are thankful for this Thanksgiving season. 

Turkey is provided, please bring sides and desserts along with your own place setting (plates and silverware). Help is also needed with clean up. If you have not had the  chance to sign- up, just bring whatever you wish. Contact Rhonda Davies with any questions or 
to let her know you will be there. Hope to see you there!

Our Annual "Hanging of the Greens" will be Friday, November 30th at 6 pm. Join us as we decorate the church for the Advent Season. Lots of fun and fellowship as we work together. Contact Betsy Clayton with any questions.

Dear Orchards Family -

We are forever grateful for the many prayers, emails, texts, calls and cards during Emily's testing and surgeries.  She is healing and doing well so far.  

Love you all!
Sherry, Bill and Emily

The dates for OUMC to fully staff WHO will be 
Jan 27-Jan 30th, Mark you calendars now.

Talk to Deb Burlingame if you want more info.
 BOOKS Available -

The Social Justice Team has a limited number of SOCIAL PRINICIPLES OF THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 2017-2020 books.  If you would like one, please contact Beverly Olson at


During the committee meeting I mentioned the homeless woman who was living on 4th Plain on the stretch of sidewalk between Covington and 102nd. She sat on the sidewalk next to hr pup tent and supplies while she smoked a cigarette. Two weeks ago she was standing up with her britches hanging down and sidled to the grass area to relieve herself. I was stunned that she didn't seem to have a problem with her bare butt showing in public. Haven't seen her since. The committee suggested I call the Housing Hotline about her. I called the council on homeless but they had no information on her. They did tell me that good things were happening in the community. The City Council and other groups were working hard to find ways to house the was taking time because thongs are so "complicated."

I called he housing hotline. Gwen said all we can do is give a person a card with the hotline phone number. They have to know that the person calling understands what he/she is asking for. She also told me that Fish and Wildlife new day center was having an open house on November 14, with a speaker at 4-4:30.

Maybe we as a church can write a prayer just for these homeless folks to say they traverse their lonely journey. We could make small cards with the prayer and make them available to the WHO shelters.

Submitted by Marcia Grzybowski, Social Justice Committee


We need your help!

The Vancouver Navigation Center grand opening & open house is coming up on November 14th. Join us to help set up furniture and shelving for the facility! We have tables, desks, chairs, and furniture to put together.

Volunteers needed for these dates & times:

Sunday November 11th, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday November 12th, 9:00 am - 12:30 pm
Monday November 12th, 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Tuesday November 13th, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Vancouver Navigation Center -  2018 Grand Blvd. -  Vancouver, WA
(Across from Walmart on Fourth Plain and Grand)

Wear comfortable clothing, closed toed shoes, bring a sweatshirt & water bottle, 
and your own tools is you have them.

Thank you in advance for volunteering!

For questions or to sign up call or email Dellan Redjou
Birthdays &

If we don't have your
birthday or anniversary date, 
or if it is incorrect,
please call the office,
892-5240 or email


1 Bob Equals
4 Steven Anderson
8 Emily Shepard
12 Carson Hanshew-
17 Kaitlin Lockhart
Marilyn Roe
22 Iris Kelly
23 Gayle Hoffman
27 Roger Carscallen



15 Jay & Sue Kitchin

Pray for Our Military

Patrick Walker
Fort Carson, CO

SPC Gus Jeffries
National Guard

1st LT Tom Roller
Air Force
has been deployed

James Major
Biomedical School
San Antonio,Texas

SGT Ben Major
Camp Pendleton
San Diego, CA


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Heart & Soul Crafters
Friday, Nov. 9th
6:00 pm
Fellowship Hall

Sunday, Nov. 11th
11:30 am

Finance Team Meeting
Wednesday, Nov. 14th
5:30 pm 

Simple Board  Meeting
Saturday, Nov. 17th
9:00 am

Covington Breakfasts
Nov. 21st & Dec. 12th
7:00 am


Hanging of the Greens
Friday, Nov. 30th 6:00 pm

All Church Christmas Movie Night
Saturday, Dec. 15th

2nd Annual Christmas Concert and Sing-A-Long
Saturday, Dec. 22nd

Jan. 27th - 30th
All Church Retreat
April 26-28


1:00 pm each Wednesday


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