Participant Spotlight: William Carrier
Will has been involved with First Tee for two years. In that short time, he has developed into an outstanding golfer, and demonstrated strong work ethic and character. He recently certified Eagle, becoming one of the youngest students in the history of our program to do so. In 2020 he made the PGA Junior League All-Star team, and played a large role in their victory.
"My name is Will Carrier and I am a 7th grader at Sullivan East Middle School. I am currently enrolled in the virtual learning academy due to the COVID-19 virus. Golf is my favorite past time, but I also love to play video games with my friends, and go camping with my family.

I started being interested in golf when I was around 5 years old. My dad got me a set of clubs when I was really young and he started taking me to the driving range, and I have loved it ever since. 

It wasn’t until 2 years or so ago that I considered it my sport and wanted to get better. I would love to have golf be my profession when I am older in some form (playing or coaching). I hope to get a scholarship to college playing golf. I want to be a marine biologist if I am not able to play golf for a living.

I have really enjoyed First Tee and look forward to it every season. I have made new friends, learned a lot about the game of golf, and about important life skills. The core values I have learned can be used not just on the golf course, but also in all parts of my life. I am excited to begin the ACE program soon."
Birdie Fundamentals: Pre-Shot Routine
Do you have a routine in the morning? At School? For exercise? We all have routines, and the pre-shot routine while playing golf is very important. All the best players have one, and there's good reason for it.

Doing the same thing over and over helps us to develop consistency. If you are not consistent with the way you approach the game, the outcome of your shots will have much greater variance. So what should your pre-shot routine include?
  • Visualization: What kind of shot are you trying to hit? First pick a target, then decide if you should start your ball at the target or allow it to move left or right during flight. If putting, pick a spot at the highest point of the break (the Apex) to aim for.

  • Alignment/Setup: This is probably the most important moment in your routine. If you are aligned improperly, your chances of success drop dramatically. To make matters worse, we often perceive our alignment incorrectly while thinking we are in good shape. Practice alignment while someone watches in order to get feedback and correct your perceptions.

  • Practice swing: Mimic the swing you think you need and do your best to make the exact same swing on the actual shot. This is easier said than done and also requires a lot of practice before you will feel comfortable.

The pre-shot routine is essential for long term success as a golfer. Each person's routine is unique, so begin developing yours today!
The Science of Golf: Golf Club Physics
Birdie Yardage Book: Goals Under Your Control
There are many things out of our hands, as we have limited control over what happens to us. But there are a few things we can control. These include our actions, attitude, and response to events, whether good or bad.

When setting goals, it is important to include things we can control, and exclude the things we cannot. Here are a few examples...

Under our control:
  • I want to stay positive when I play
  • I want to drink plenty of water
  • I want to stay calm by using the 4 R's

Not under our control:
  • I want to play better than my friends
  • I want to get new golf clubs for my birthday
  • I want to win the upcoming tournament

Sticking to things we can control will lead to success more often, as well as the ability to be at peace when we catch a bad break.
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