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7 Questions with...
Ms. Cohen

What was your first job?
A. I worked in my high school office.

What kind of student were you like in middle school?
A. Very respectful

What is your favorite food?
A. Soul food

What advice would you give students?
A. My advice would be to always be respectful wherever you are.

What are you afraid of?
A. Mice

Describe Warrensville Middle School in three words...
Diamond, Proud, Spectacular

What do you wish that you had as a teacher?
A. I wish I had more time

Summer Jobs Coming Soon!!

A few local companies will start to accept applications for summer employment. Be sure to stay tuned to see if summer employment is right for you. See your counselor for more information.
Cleveland Clinic hires 8th graders that will be 14 years old by June 1, 2020 and have a G.P.A. of 2.5 for their Summer Internship Program- Health Care Pathways. 

Positive Message:

Don't let yesterday take up too much of Today- Will Rogers

Culinary Arts Field Trip

Pictured to the left are scholars who had visited the Tri-C Hospitality and Management facility located in downtown Cleveland. Scholars had a chance to meet a number of up and coming chefs and learn about the food industry. After meeting chefs, scholars then headed to the famous Westside Market, where they adventured on a scavenger hunt to locate fresh foods and learn about different cultural foods. Each scholar received a jar of seasoning to take home. Don't forget to sign up for a field trip that is of interest to you. Check the counselor's door for upcoming field trips.

A Middle School Culinary Club will be starting soon... Stay tuned for details!!
Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Break!!