Memorial Hospital Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with its own Board of Directors, by-laws and Articles of Incorporation. We raise support for and manage 26 funds that provide financial assistance to Memorial Health System's patients and employees.
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We’re so excited to share with you our October impact! We wanted to make you aware of the amazing things we were able to do last month as a result of supporters like you! We're also giving you a heads up on some upcoming fundraisers and sharing ways you can get involved in supporting Memorial Health System's patients.
In October, we had the following impact because of our supporters:

  • 386 medications for cancer patients
  • 62 medications for cardiac patients
  • 28 medications for endocrinology patients
  • 7 breast imaging services for women
  • 7 orders of medical supplies for ostomy patients
  • 2 medications for pediatric patients
  • Covered a dental exam and x-rays for a cancer patient
  • Covered lymphedema treatment for a breast cancer patient
  • Covered copay for a port placement for a cancer patient
  • Covered rental cost for a knee scooter for a patient in need

We've also secured $12,860,180 in grant funding so far this year.
Thank you to all those who supported our first big fundraiser since 2019! It was such a fun night and with your help we raised $90,000 that will assist Memorial's patients in need!

100% of donations to the Foundation stay in our community and directly assist patients in need. We’re locally based so no funds are sent outside South MS and we don’t have any overhead so no funds are used for salaries.

Special thanks to our sponsors!
Thank you to all those that supported the Carter's Champions Pink Dress Run! It was an overwhelming showing of support for those fighting breast cancer in our community. Special thanks to John Carter, Jourdan Derouen, Liz Gaulke and the Carter's Champions' Board for all your hard work! 100% of proceeds from Carter's Champions is donated to us to provide financial assistance to breast cancer patients of Memorial Health System. We're looking forward to next year!
We were presented with a donation of $3,000 from proceeds from the Don Sykes Have a Heart Golf Tournament that was held at Sunkist Country Club on October 8th. The donation will benefit our Cardiac Patient Fund which provides financial assistance for medications and medical equipment for cardiology patients in need.
Carter's Champions donated 2,500 seat belt clips to Memorial's cancer patients! The clips release some of the tension from the seat belt off a wounded area or port which makes it more comfortable to wear.
LeAnna Saucier and Misty Stevenson presented us with a $400 donation from the proceeds from their Frugal Fashionistas Charity Sip and Shop event. Their donation will benefit those fighting breast cancer in our community.
Elizabeth Saucier donated $250 to our Oncology Fund from proceeds from her Scentsy fundraiser. The Oncology Fund provides medication, transportation and nutritional assistance to patients who are receiving treatment for cancer at Memorial.
With your donation of $10 for each month, non-clinical staff can wear jeans on Fridays during September - December. September proceeds will go to our Rheumatology Fund, October will go to our Breast Imaging Fund, and November and December will go to our Employee Crisis Fund. Your receipt will be proof of your donation for your manager. Jeans must be approved by your supervisor and be work appropriate (no holes, rips, etc.).
You can order Foundation t-shirts, cups and more on our online store! We recently added insulated tumblers from our fundraiser. 100% of proceeds from the items will stay in our community to help our neighbors in need.
We manage 26 funds that provide financial support to Memorial Health System's patients and employees. What makes us unique is that 100% of donations to the Foundation directly benefit the fund of your choosing and stay in our community. We have several donor programs for our supporters to choose from and you get to pick the fund you would like your donation to benefit.
Emily “EA” Allen
Roy Anderson III
Sandra Boddie
John Carter
Clifton Leatherbury, MD
John “Shorty” Sneed
Clay Wagner
Rodger Wilder
Linda Zakkak
Aimee Robertson, Foundation President
Harrison Kajdan, Development Officer
Kathryn Moran, Marketing Officer
Beau Gex, Government Relations Officer
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