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A Note From Kelly

Halloween came and went. We went trick or treating as Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie. I haven't dressed up in YEARS but Buzz was very persuasive! We had a great time, and Buzz was pretty thrilled with his candy haul!

Halloween Photo

In a few weeks we will be hosting our friends from Germany and family for Thanksgiving. Soon after that, time will fly and we will be celebrating Christmas and New Years. The weeks always seem to fly at this time of year!

As many of us get caught up in the Holidays with family gatherings, shopping and holiday parties I would also like to remind all our clients that it is a GREAT time for taxes and year-end planning. Our CAISSA year-end meeting times are getting booked up. If you'd like to get together, call soon! 

Julie and I will be making the rounds calling clients as well, and making sure RMDs have been distributed.  This year could be a little heated again toward the last few days of December when capital gains distributions get kicked out. Please know this could create taxable income, potentially making this year a big one.  Let's get ahead of that and try to harvest some tax losses to offset the gains!

I hope you had a fun Halloween and enjoy your Thanksgiving and holiday parties (and capital loss harvesting!).


Social Security: Budget Deal Could Cost Couples Big Money In Benefits

CAISSA helps you strategize and protect your social security benefits

Congress is killing the File-and-Suspend strategy that allowed couples to boost lifetime Social Security retirement benefits by thousands of dollars.  However, it isn't dead yet, if you were born before April 30, 1950 you still have a window of opportunity.  

CAISSA Market Update
Investing to Live Through Downturns Anxiety Free!

We have clients engage with us for a variety of reasons. One of the comments we hear most from clients, especially our retiring clients, is that we have helped them remove the roller coaster of emotions and anxiety that typically come with market swings. 

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