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November Update
Reporting what God has Done

Feeding Center
Adult Services at Lighthouse
Children Services at Lighthouse

Mission Teams

147,000 meals 
provided through the month of September throughout South Africa. 


Did you know we are in the planning stages of a Hope Sponsorship program to support children at Del Cramer Children's Campus? Stay tuned to learn how you can begin to support in 2014!
 Nov 5th Cell Group
 Nov 7th 3 Cell Groups
 Nov 6th Prayer
 Nov 10th 
Church Service 56 
2 Salvations
 Nov 13th  Prayer 
 Nov 12th Cell Group
 Nov 14th Cell Groups
attended a funeral and were able to leave 3 boxes of rice packets and minister to the  bereaved. 
Nov 17th
Church Service 52

  In Kids Central Live,   
  children's church:
   Nov 8th Youth Group 14
   Nov 10th 138 Children
   Nov 17th 120 Children
   Nov 24th 144 Children


 "Mid week, the worship  team led in spontaneous  worship at Lighthouse  Christian Church.  Singing to a Chris Tomlin  song "I lift my hands".  Incredible!

We are prepping for 2014 trips. To apply click here.
Available Dates:
April 3rd-15th
July 11th - 22nd
July 24th - Aug 5th
September 4th - 16th
Prayer Requests
  • Ambassador Mark Bettinger is undergoing more tests to discover the cause of hearing loss as well as being treated for a lung infection
  • For South African staff as they go on holiday leave and will be traveling
  • Safe traveling for Doc & Beth, team members, and Ambassadors
  • Continued favor in the village of Sekgakgapeng, Mokopane, and Tribal leadership
  • Administration and organization to be efficient and excellent in new and old program growth.
If you wish to be part of our emergency prayer requests,
 please email Office@BlessmanMinistires.org and request to be added.
Praise Report 
Christ Reigns in South Africa!

Common problems in Africa surround idol worship and demonic spirits.  A large cult called "Zion Christian Church" (ZCC) also holds a large influence over South Africa.
The ZCC community puts on a guise of being "Christian," however, it is a mixed belief of old tribal rituals, morphed Biblical principles, and uses special items in worship and prayer. This cult was first formed in Polokwane in the 20's and holds influence over the communities we serve. They are very private and it's still not fully understood what they do and what they believe. It is a spiritual stronghold that our ministry and staff fight daily. 
Lighthouse Christian Church has to first teach Biblical truths and refute the True Word to many South African's in order for them be ready to receive Christ and then be discipled as believers of the Christian faith. Over the past two years, our church has been making an impact for God. Pictured above, Pastor Mkulama Jonathan is preaching during a Sunday Service. He has been our lead pastor for a little less than a year.  
Here's a testimony of how God delivered two couples in our church in the past month as reported by Pastor Jonathan.
Two Saturday's Ago:
"I had a soul winning Saturday were I visited people who don't know the Lord. I was accompanied by a couple who are new members of our Church...We had two people give their lives to the Lord. Both were in Church today. One of the people who was saved was so moved by the Lord, readily accepted to have all the clothing and utensils she was using in worshipping ancestors and from ZCC destroyed. We had all the things from there burned with fire. It was a case of serious demon possession.
"She testified to me that for the first time in about twenty years she was able to sleep the whole night without any disturbance." 
"We give all the glory to God! We will be starting a home cell in one of these people's homes on Tuesday 12/12/2013. We will involve the whole Church in Soul winning Saturdays where we will all go out and witness in peoples homes."
Last Saturday:
"I went to a different families home for a house visit. A man and his wife and their three children. What was beautiful about this was that for the second consecutive weekend a family surrendered the items they were using in Z.C.C church. I almost couldn't believe it when after praying for the man's deliverance, he offered to have us burn his Z.C.C uniform, badge and the ropes he had in his waist. His wife and children did the same. Typing this I believe I am still smelling the smoke from burning Z.C.C paraphernalia! Please do keep us in prayer. I am awed by what God is doing here."


Worship during last Sunday's Service. Praising the Lord for all the good things He is doing!


    Please continue to pray for our Brother's and Sisters in Christ, for the spiritual ground in the families we are witnessing to and serving, and for strength for our staff to advance the Kingdom of God through Truth. 


Child Highlight 
Read about one of the children we serve.

Feeding Center: Del Cramer
Name:  Evans Koketso Mokwatedi
Age: 12
Birthday: 2001/05/13

Evans attends Kids Central Live (KC Live) Children's Church at Lighthouse Church. His favorite thing about church is praying to God. He is thankful for Del Cramer Campus because it has helped his writing skills and because he eats five meals a week at our feeding center.

Evans Koketso Mokwatedi is a vulnerable child in South Africa living in Sekgakgapeng with his grandmother, mother, aunt and four sisters. He is 12 years old and enjoys playing soccer! He loves living in this community because he gets to come play at Del Cramer Campus and play with his friends. He attends school at Sokgedlwe and his favorite subject is Sepedi, or what we call "Language Class" in english.

He really enjoys reading with his friends and hopes to go to college to become a pilot.


Please pray for Albert and his family.
Consider supporting our feeding programs to help orphans and vulnerable
children like him to be fed, taught scripture, and given hope for their futures.

**The South African Government gives "orphan" status to any South African child who has only one parent.

Team Member Testimony
A Short Interview Sarah Akin of Urbandale, IA
Sara Akin Interview
Team Member Testimony

Meet the Staff
Employee: Maxwell Chongani  
Role: Construction Project Manager
Location: South Africa Campus 
Length of Service: Three Years

I have worked for the Blessman Ministries since 2010 my position in ministry is to help with building projects. I love my job, I enjoy working with the volunteers, especially in construction. 

During my spare time I love watching soccer.  The one thing I really love about Blessman Ministries is that we are one family working together. Just recently we all had a staff party at the Lodge. It truly was a wonderful time together!

I am married to Hilda who also works at BMI in the sewing Center, Lethabo. We have two children Perfect and Privilege.

I'm very proud to be part of the BMI and appreciate all your prayers for the ministry and for my family. 


Magnify the Impact 
How you can Magnify the Impact this Christmas
This Christmas season, please consider us in your financial year end giving. Every dollar counts! It only takes $1 to provide a hot meal to a child.

You can also donate stock, investments, and gifts in kind. For more information, call our office at 515-343-5920 for details.
Did you know that your employer may match your financial contribution to Blessman Ministries? Make sure to ask your boss if they have a matching donation program! 
You Are A Blessing
Honoree Gift Cards Available for Christmas

Want to support a child in South Africa? Give a financial gift in honor of a family or friend and receive a gift card to give for Christmas. A wonderful way to bless two people at once! Contact Office@BlessmanMinistries or 515-343-5920


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