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Board Meetings are held 9:30-11:30 the first Thursday of each month in Conference Room A of the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library. All members are invited to attend.

Nov 3, 9:30am
Library Conference Room A

Nov 8, 7am - 8pm
General Election

Nov 9, 10am
Post-election gathering
Home of Kim Steinke

Dec 7, 4pm
Board of Directors

Dec 7, 6pm
Holiday Gathering
Home of Terry Townley

Jan 20, 11:45am
Community Program on Government Finance
Trailside Senior Center
details to come ...

Feb 21, tbd
Consensus Mtg - Government Finance Study
Educational booklet for new voters
Your Elected Officials
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Board of Directors

VP Membership

VP Program


Judy Donahue - Program
Terry Townley - Education
Cathy Heng - Print Media
Katherine Redwine - New Media
Carole Swinehart - Voter Service
Kim Steinke - Voter Service
Fran Hamburg - Director at Large




President's Letter

Our voter service activities are pretty much wrapped up for this election cycle. As usual it was hectic but so rewarding. It seems that the greater-than-usual intensity around this election resulted in more opportunities for us to share nonpartisan information to voters.  I had three requests to speak to outside organizations, which was a real treat and honor.  See the Voter Service article below for a final report.

Our Holiday gathering on December 7 will feature a specially catered dinner by the Windover High School Culinary Arts students. We're looking forward to this opportunity to experience the excellent training these young people are receiving. See more information below and make your reservation!

Thanks to so many of you who have responded to the reminder letter for dues, plus our special gratitude to those who included additional donations to help us fund our programs.

Welcome to new member Sandy Collinson!

Looking forward to seeing you at upcoming events.

Sue McCollister
League has busy election season providing non-partisan information to voters
In the midst of a very contentious partisan election, our LWV  persevered  and got non-partisan information to Midland Area voters.

Three General Election Candidate Forums were conducted.  The first forum, co-sponsored by MCTV, presented  candidates for the MI 98th House , Gary Glenn - R and Geoff Malicoat - D, followed by candidates for the Midland County Board of Commissioners Districts 1, Jeanette Snyder - R, and Connie Methner - D and District 4, Eric Anders - D and Gaye Terwillegar - R.  Two more Forums were co-sponsored with the Midland Branch AAUW, one with  8  candidates for the Midland Public School Board, the second for the Midland County ESA Board.  They were also broadcast in the weeks before the election.

A total of 14 League members registered voters at Delta College in a very successful effort led by  Asst. Prof. Lisa Lawrason.  460 Students were registered! It was a fun, energizing experience.   

Our 2016 Voter Guide was co-produced with the Midland Daily News and was delivered to all their subscribers on Sunday, October 2 3 .  2000+ additional copies were distributed throughout the city and county to schools, Senior Centers, businesses and to our sponsors.  

The state LWVMI Voter Guide was also available at the Library and the Senior Expo.  

In the days before the election, we had signs saying, "VOTE - IT COUNTS!"  and ""  placed around the community.

Everyone is ready for this election to be over but, we will be back at it in two years for the 2018 election when we will elect a governor.  Plan on joining us then for informing voters and getting out the vote!

Voter Service 
Carole Swinehart and Kim Steinke
Ellen Wolfe

Ellen Wolfe
Members of the Midland Area LWV are saddened by the loss of long time member, Ellen Wolfe, who died October 19th. During her years as a league member Ellen avoided the limelight and did not hold any official leadership positions. However she was a staunch supporter who faithfully attended meetings right up to the last, contributed thoughtful insights to our discussions and responded to calls for volunteers when possible. She was particularly involved with a state study of Health Care which was done in 1985. We will miss her and we offer our condolences to her family.

LWV Lake Michigan Region Conference

The 2016  LWV Lake Michigan Region Annual Conference was held in Portage, Indiana in mid-October and our League sent a representative, Carole
 Swinehart, for the first time.  This is an inter-League group made up of 48 local Leagues within the Lake MI watershed and regional planning areas from four states, MI, IN, IL, & WI.  It operates under the Natural Resource LWV Lake Michigan Region s position of the LWVUS and  they act on selected governmental issues affecting the Lake Michigan watershed. It was a well run conference with many informative speakers and included a tour of six sites around the Indiana Dunes and Indiana National Lakeshore.  This is a beautiful area worth a visit.  Though Midland is in the Lake Huron watershed, everyone in Michigan has a stake in the well-being of Lake Michigan!  We plan to become active with this group!  
Upcoming Events
Holiday Buffet by Windover High School Culinary Arts Program
Wednesday, December 7
6:00PM Social time
6:30PM Dinner

Home of Terry Townley at
6112 Siebert
Catered by Windover High School students under the direction of
Chef Andy Bacigalupo
Cost - $10.00, payable upon arrival
RSVP by Friday, December 2  or call 835-7564
Windover School, an alternative high school under the Midland County Educational Service Agency, offers a Culinary Arts program to aid students in expanding experience and helping in their career path. It is a hands-on work experience where students learn in a commercial kitchen. Chef Andy Bacigalupo is well known for his extensive training and experience as a culinary instructor and chef. For more information on Windover, see  
their web site
Community Program on Government Finance
Friday, January 20, 11:45 a.m.
Midland Senior Services Trailside Center
4700 Dublin Ave.
Speakers will discuss the impact of the current state system on our county, city and township finances.

The program will help us prepare for the  LWVMI study on government finance, to update the current state position on Taxation and Budgeting. 

For study information, go to, Member Resources: Studies. Our meeting to take consensus is scheduled for February 21.
Watch for more details in January.
 If you are interested in joining, please fill out the form below, and send it in. If you have questions, please email Judy McDowell, VP Membership. 
mail to: LWV - Midland Area
P.O. Box 1203
Midland, MI 48641-1203
Any other questions or problems, email Katherine Redwine, e-newsletter editor.