November 2021 Walk Leader Update
Greetings walk leaders!
Results from participant and leader Surveys

Thank you to those of you who sent in your participant forms and responded to our leader survey on how things are going. From the “welcome to your first walk” forms that were sent in, we have determined that we are getting to our target group of people who are currently less active. Most of our participants so far are female and, although it's a wide age range, the average age is early 60’s. In terms of barriers, the number one reason participants gave for not being more active up until now is that they had no one to be active with. Thank you to Elizabeth from the Healthy Tomorrow Foundation for making these infographics to highlight some of the results!

Groups are now listed on our webpage!

We are now promoting the walk groups by listing them here on the NS Walks webpage 
We hope this helps people across the province see what is happening and encourages them to register and join a group. As you can imagine, we want this listing to be as accurate as possible, so please let us know if there is any change to your walk schedule and I will make the change on the page.

Accessing the Leader Manual
The Walk Leader manual is now on the walk leader resource page - if you took training in the Spring, you will find great improvements in the manual. We hope you find it will useful.

Virtual Walk Leader "get together"

We would like to celebrate you as walk leaders and have a chance to have you connect with each other. We will have our first virtual leader gathering on Monday, December 6th at 6:30 p.m. for one hour. There will be some virtual mingling and a bit of some professional development and fun! Whether you have been leading a walk or not, you are most welcome!
Click HERE to join the gathering.
Email to RSVP

Indoor Walking Options

We love and encourage walking outdoors all year round! HOWEVER, sometimes the weather makes walking outdoors quite tricky, particularly for those of us who are concerned about falling. For this reason, we want to let you know there are opportunities to “take it indoors” You might already have a location in your community that allows walking indoors, but if not, please give it some thought over the next month or so and let me know if you have a plan or need help to make a connection with an indoor space. We will be posting the list of indoor walking options on our website soon. Please take a look at let us know if there are other places you are aware of in your community.
Walking Pace

As we discussed at the Leader training session, setting the walking pace of the group is key to making sure everyone feels included and can easily keep up. A friendly reminder to let the slower walkers set the pace of the group. If there is more than one leader in a group this is even easier as one can be up at the front with the faster walkers and one can be at the back with the slower walkers. If there is only one of you, we recommend you stay with the slower walkers and go at their pace. Communicate with the faster walkers so they know where to stop, turn around.
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