Vol. 3, No. 11

Time to Give Thanks
What We’re Doing
We are finding new ways to get SpringTM into your hands.

  • If you’ve had your eye on SpringTM but are feeling thrifty, ask us if we have any open-box units available. When we have them, we sell them at a significant discount. Jody will help you: 1-833-693-6729.

  • We have created a layaway plan for buying SpringTM, “Lay-Buy.” This is a great option for those who want a new device but need to set aside funds for a few months. You have the choice to pay this way when checking out online. On the payment page, simply check the box “Put on Lay-Buy.” Your credit card will be charged one-third of the product cost plus shipping. In each of the next two months, your card will be charged the remaining thirds. When payment is complete, SpringTM ships.

  • Do you have a Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account? SpringTM is a covered expense.

  • If you receive your health care through the Veterans’ Administration, your benefits will pay for SpringTM. You might want to show our product video and user manual to your health-care provider, who can order it for you.

  • If you have a Supplemental Needs Trust, SpringTM might be considered a covered expense. Contact your administrator to confirm.

Product Feature of the Month:
SpringTM is a walker—and a chair.
Simply lift the seat, as shown below, then pull it out. Opening the seat automatically engages the parking brake, so you can sit safely. And since SpringTM is 21 inches from the floor, just like a standard dining chair, you won’t have to transfer from your rollator to another chair. The continuous handlebar becomes your backrest (some may find it more comfortable if lowered by one notch), and the slender arms let you sit a normal distance from the table.
What We’re Reading
We know that even modest activity improves circulation, breathing, metabolism, and cognition while helping other organ systems function wellNow, the flood of medical literature about Covid-19 has reinforced earlier research showing that mild to moderate exercise also affords specific benefits to the immune system.

Dr. Patricia undertook a review of the literature and recommends this concise summary from the American College of Sports Medicine:
Also note this observation from a July 2020 article in The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine:

The practice of physical activities strengthens the immune system, suggesting a benefit in the response to viral communicable diseases. Thus, regular practice of adequate intensity is suggested an as auxiliary tool in strengthening and preparing the immune system for COVID-19.

An August 2020 article in Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome likewise remarked:
This review found that increasing the aerobic capacity could produce short-term safe improvements in the function of immune and respiratory systems, particularly those specific for COVID-19 infections.
SpringTM ships the next business day to all 50 states.

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