Literacy Network  learners, volunteers and staff  are 
thankful for you.  Thank you   for your ongoing support!
A personal thank you
from Mangal

I am Mangal Subba. I came to America 5 years ago with my family. When I came here, It was very hard, challenging for me because I didn't knew english. I still don't know so much but today I am confident and learning english here at the Literacy Network. This has helped me feel proud of myself. I can talk with my friends at work at least and that makes me very happy. When I first joined Literacy Network, all I knew was alphabets and now I can use those to make words, even sentences. I feel like I have made progress in these 5 years and I am proud of that. Thank you to my tutors, friends and anyone who helped me."
                 " Thank You"
Just a few of our amazing volunteers at the 2017 Run for Literacy
Committee volunteers bring you special events!

Literacy Network events are brought to you because of the efforts of dedicated  committee volunteers. Without their support we wouldn't be able to have you as our guests.  Help us recognize their hard workthis month!

Book Sale Committee                                 Run for Literacy Committee
Connie Messner (Chair)                            Fritz Parker (Chair)         Audra Johnson
Gerry Campbell                                            Laurie Beardsley             Dan Keidl
Vicki Gustafson                                             Sheela Campbell             Connie Messner
Anitra Johnson                                              Elly Hall                              Maureen Miner
Sherry Klinkner                                            Amanda Hankes              Natalie Russell
Casey Lazar                                                   Katy Hanzlik                      Jody Stolldorf        
Nancy Skeffington                                      Sarah Howard                  Deanna Wheeler

Volunteer spotlight: David Kelly

David Kelly started volunteering in November of 2010, doing data entry for 2 hours every week. At that time, LitNet was in a small building with two cramped classrooms, had five staff members, and struggled with a cumbersome, outdated database. David's weekly dedication and enthusiasm remained through many changes, including immense staff growth; relocation to a larger building to house growing classes and tutoring programs, and a new, custom database for our student and volunteer records -which was designed around his and other volunteers' suggestions.

Seven years and almost 500 volunteer hours later, David has moved on from data entry and into to our Community Literacy ESL Tutoring program, where he helps adults improve their English skills. He exemplifies the dedication and enthusiasm of our best volunteers, and we thank him for his 7 years of service!

Upcoming Events
Phillip Morgan will speak about how Literacy Network impacts his life.
Growing Through Literacy Reception
Nov 9; 6:00 pm

We still have a few seats left for you to join us! 

Final Book Sale of 2017
Nov. 17:  10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Nov. 18:  10:00 am - 2:00 pm

A book is the perfect holiday gift, or just a way to say thank you to your loved ones.
All sales  support literacy education in our community.
Thousands of books, all genres,  all under $2 !

Your support of adult literacy education drives
success for so many.  A gift of any size goes a long way
toward supporting  the  thousands of adults who need services.
Thank you for your continued commitment.