Ocean Optics STS spectrometers may one day help in the effort to put humans on Mars. The spectrometers are being evaluated for testing of the heat shield design for NASA's Orion spacecraft, which will send astronauts on deep space missions, including to the Red Planet. 

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Aerodyne Research has built and field tested a system to measure the radiative properties of clouds using Ocean Optics spectrometers. By measuring cloud optical depth (COD), scientists are better able to collect and evaluate data that helps to improve climate modeling.   

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We visited contract manufacturer Ion Labs in Largo, Florida, to explore how modular spectroscopy can be integrated into process environments. Watch as we demonstrate UV-Vis, Raman and other techniques for assessing dietary supplements, vitamins and other products.

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In this application note, we discover how researchers used Ocean Optics optical oxygen sensors to measure oxygen uptake by gastropods (snails) in Indian Ocean hydrothermal vents. These "black smoker" vents - about two miles down - are often biologically rich areas.

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Multispectral sensing technology is now available that brings sophisticated medical diagnostics testing to patients at the point of care. The PIXELTEQ PixelSensor reduces the size and complexity of testing instrumentation for analysis of DNA, assay chemistries and more.

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In this video tutorial, we demonstrate the proper use of Ocean Optics surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) substrates. By following these measurement protocols, users can harness the power of SERS for trace level detection of various analytes.

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