#GivingTuesday November 27th 
"My son is on the LEAP Team and he has opened up so much as an individual. He was shy and socially awkward before joining this year. I have seen so much progress and growth in him over the last few months since being on the Team. This year was the first time he received all 3's on his report card and he's in 4th grade. The biggest difference - Arts In Action! So for me and my son it's been a Godsend. Thank you Arts in Action for being here for my son and so many other children!" - Parent of LEAP dancer

Your donations this #GivingTuesday helps children like this LEAP Team dancer to dream big, set goals, persevere and gain confidence in school and life. 

GREEN 10.04.2018 photos by J. Tarrazi-Scully  GREEN 10.04.2018 photos by J. Tarrazi-Scully
GREEN 10.04.2018 photos by J. Tarrazi-Scully
GREEN Rehearsal 10.04.2018
Green Elementary School's final performances is Nov. 9th at 1:45pm and 6:15pm. Please join us.  We thank the team of Green Elementary, Principal Brown, in-school liaison Tricia Seymour, 4th grade teachers: Ms. Halley, Ms. Hage, Ms. Seekins & Ms. Smalls.

GREEN 10.04.2018 photos by J. Tarrazi-Scully
GREEN 10.04.2018

Our LEAP Team,  NC AIA Ambassadors, performed in "The Art of Creativity" at Hotel Indigo in Durham on October 21. Our LEAP Team benefitted from the proceeds of the event.  This event included a three month long gallery display featuring several arts organizations, including the band 19 Miles and a silent auction for 
original paintings by Beth Palmer Studio.  

LEAP Team @ Hotel Indigo 
Final performances are scheduled for Nov. 27th for Rogers Lane Elementary School at 2:30 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. Enjoy this opportunity to see our students in action with an "American Revolution" theme!

ROGERS LANE 10.23.2018 all photos by J. Scully-Thurston

Our third edition of NC AIA's Annual Report went out last month. If you didn't get one, check it out HERE or contact us and we'll send you an issue.

 "The most awe inspiring benefit of working with NCAIA, is watching the transformation of children's lives! The numerous stories of those who walk into the first AIA class with their hoodies pulled tight over their heads never wanting to make eye contact, or those who do not speak or participate, then suddenly, the same students evolve into soloists, narrators, heroes! I have not yet been able to make it through a final performance with a dry eye. My heart and soul burst with pride for these children and what they have been able to overcome." - Teacher

NC Arts in Action teaches life skills to children through dance and music.  On behalf of the children we serve, please consider a donation to NC Arts in Action. Help keep our children dancing in 13 schools across four counties!

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