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November 2019
Dental Board Adopts One Hour Opioid Prescriber Training Requirement

As shared with Colorado dentists this summer, a 2019 state bill (SB19-228) added a new training requirement for all prescribers of opioids, including dentists. In early November, the Colorado Dental Board adopted rules that require at least one hour of training (out of up to four possible hours) per license renewal cycle.

The opioid training requirement will take effect as an attestation for the February 2020 dental license renewal cycle. However, the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies - the department that oversees the Dental Board - has indicated that no enforcement, audits or disciplinary actions related to the opioid training requirement will occur until the 2022 dental license renewal cycle. The attestation will operate similar to the check box dentists must click to attest to having completed continuing education credits each license renewal cycle. Simply check the box if you have completed the required opioid training when completing your February 2020 license renewal. Leave the box unchecked if you have not completed the opioid training (without penalty for the 2020 license renewal).

Dental Plan Payments by Stored-Value Credit Cards: Colorado Requirements

In Colorado, there is a Division of Insurance policy (Bulletin B-6.3) updated in October 2019 that provides guidance to Colorado regulated insurers on the use of stored-value credit cards. This policy addresses many common concerns articulated by Colorado dentists. Colorado's policy outlines the following principles that should be honored by carriers offering payment by single-use credit cards in either electronic or digital format. The Division of Insurance guideline infers that lack of compliance with policies outlined in the bulletin could be considered unfair competition or a deceptive trade practice.
CDA Members in the Spotlight

Dr. Terry Brewick, CDA Foundation Board member, became the International President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy (PFA) at the American Dental Association annual meeting. PFA is a worldwide professional organization dedicated to excellence in dentistry.

CDA Editor Dr. Michael Diorio was elected as the president of the American Association of Dental Editors and Journalists, a North American organization dedicated to ethical writing, communication and journalism in the dental profession.

Dr. Brett Kessler, former CDA president, is now officially the 14th District Trustee for the American Dental Association, representing Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii and New Mexico.

Dr. Jim Setterberg, former CDA president, is the new president of the International College of Dentists. ICD is a worldwide dental organization dedicated to outstanding professional achievement, leadership, humanitarianism, ethics and the continued progress of dentistry.

Congratulations to all of the above - thank you for making the CDA proud!

Dr. Brewick

Dr. Diorio

Dr. Kessler

Dr. Setterberg

Meet New CDA Staff Member: Kelsey Currence

Kelsey Currence has joined the CDA team as development manager. Kelsey actively supports both the CDA Foundation and CDA Enterprises. She works diligently to provide CDA dentists with the market's leading vendors and partners to make practices more profitable and leverages relationships to enable the CDA Foundation to be stewards in our community.You can reach her at 303-996-2847 or 
It's Time to Renew!

2020 dues have arrived - it's time to renew to continue receiving CDA, ADA and your local dental society exclusive benefits to enhance your professional development and practice management. Staying connected in 2020 is as easy as ever when you sign up for the 10-month auto renewal. Click here to renew online. If you already paid your 2020 dues online before you received your paper invoice, no further action is needed. For more information about the renewal process or help renewing, contact the CDA at 303-996-2841or 303-996-2842. 
American Dental Association Files Suit Against Delta Dental

From the ADA Media Relations: The American Dental Association (ADA) has filed a  class action lawsuit against Delta Dental Plans and the Delta Dental Plan Association.  The complaint alleges that Delta has engaged in anticompetitive conduct and violated federal antitrust laws by allocating territories of operation and dividing the national market in order to restrict competition and reduce reimbursement rates to dentists. The complaint goes on to allege that Delta's anticompetitive acts hurt both dentists and their patients by limiting the choices of dental care available to patients and making it more difficult for dentists to deliver the care that patients need and want. Read more.

Membership Cards Becoming Digital for 2020

Your ADA membership card is becoming digital starting in 2020. As an alternative to putting a physical card in the mail, the association will issue electronic membership cards.  Members will be able to access their eCards in their MyADA profile on 

Dr. Randy Kluender Joins Georgia School of Orthodontics

Dr. Randy Kluender will step down as the executive director of the Dentists Professional Liability Trust of Colorado after serving in this role for the past six years. Dr. Kluender has accepted a position with the Georgia School of Orthodontics as its chairman and president of the Board of Trustees.

Dr. H. Candace DeLapp has accepted the full-time DPLTC executive director position and will begin her new role Jan. 1, 2020. Dr. DeLapp is a longtime Trust member who served on the board for nine years before joining Berkley Risk Servies as the DPLTC associate executive director in 2017. 

Save the Date: Lobby Day 2020

Make your voice heard! Join the CDA at the Colorado State Capitol Friday, Feb. 28, 2020. You will have the opportunity to meet with your local state legislators to discuss important dental issues, helping set the stage for dentistry's success during the upcoming legislative session! The CDA will supply resources and training to those who volunteer for the event. Registration and more details coming soon.

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Newest Members of the CDA

Dr. Isra Ahmed 
Dr. Lauren Allen
Dr. Malik Altoos
Dr. Nicole Ameli
Dr. Monica Angelucci
Dr. Alejandro Arango
Dr. Zachary Arquilla
Dr. Nicholas Avianto
Dr. Meredith Banks
Dr. Andrei Baskakov
Dr. Erica Beaty
Dr. Gary Bedrosian
Dr. Joshua Blane
Dr. Emillie Brandt
Dr. L Scott Brody
Dr. Andrew Blake Brown
Dr. Rodrell Brown
Dr. Sarah Brusko
Dr. Russell Bullen
Dr. Angelo Camerino
Dr. Arielle Canoza
Dr. Emanouela Carlson
Dr. Bryan Chai
Dr. Raghavendra Challa
Dr. Brooke Chamberlain
Dr. Maggie Chavez
Dr. David Chen
Dr. Brian Chudleigh
Dr. Amber Clark
Dr. Thomas Coleman
Dr. Marietta Cuifoo-Moradi
Dr. Walter Daniels
Dr. Jennifer Daratany
Dr. Mark DeRocher
Dr. Kristina Eidson
Dr. Anna Enger
Dr. Justin Escobar
Dr. Michael Fangman
Dr. Lisa Feheley
Dr. Kelly Fenn
Dr. Roy Fiefer
Dr. Stephanie Flaksman
Dr. Jordan Gabriele
Dr. Kiera Ginsberg
Dr. Mark Glasgow
Dr. Brianna Godejohn
Dr. Morgan Gonder
Dr. James Gordon
Dr. Sean Gunnels
Dr. Rachel Hain
Dr. Joseph Harberg
Dr. Matthew Hasday
Dr. Rachel Hass
Dr. Dan Hoang
Dr. Randall Hodoval
Dr. Shane Hoelz
Dr. Marissa Holloway
Dr. Meredith Hudson
Dr. David Hulme
Dr. Barbara Hymer
Dr. Anil Idiculla
Dr. Ahsan Iqbal
Dr. Peri Irwin
Dr. Jamon Jensen
Dr. Kaia Jerde
Dr. Thomas Jordan
Dr. Kunjan Kakar
Dr. Zachary Kammer
Dr. Jimin Kang
Dr. Paul Karpinski
Dr. Sophia Khan
Dr. Behrod Khankhanian
Dr. Holland Killian
Dr. Tetyana Korchynskyy
Dr. Nikki Kumor
Dr. Houng Lam
Dr. Lori Lemaire
Dr. Adriana Lamounier
Dr. Scott Lazaroff
Dr. Jennifer Leighton
Dr. Simona Lekht
Dr. Duane Lemieux
Dr. Kevin Lin
Dr. Veronica Longville
Dr. Emily Malihi
Dr. Aous Manshad
Dr. Alexandre Maymone
Dr. Matt McCullough
Dr. Heidi Meuret
Dr. Andrew Miller
Dr. Lindsey Miller
Dr. Andrew Montalvo
Dr. Aaron Mortenson
Dr. Matthew Murphy
Dr. Cody Murray
Dr. Leslie Murray
Dr. Udaya Narayanaraopeta
Dr. Brent Nichol
Dr. Bryce Nielson
Dr. Tiffany Niquette
Dr. Kristina Noding
Dr. James Oates
Dr. Nina Olivieri
Dr. Jessica Parry
Dr. Kruti Patel
Dr. Dhea Patel
Dr. Christopher Patterson
Dr. Taylor Peterson
Dr. Amanda Phan
Dr. Joshua Piper
Dr. Anila Poravanthattil
Dr. Brandon Powell
Dr. Liridon Qafleshi
Dr. Yuliya Rabinovich
Dr. Richard Ramsey
Dr. Garrett Rasnick
Dr. Derya Redelious
Dr. Daniel Rejman
Dr. Cara Riley
Dr. Tathiana Rojas
Dr. Debora Roubal
Dr. Jillian Sakariason
Dr. Jessica Sargeson
Dr. Robert Saunders
Dr. Amber Schmidt
Dr. Joshua Sharp
Dr. Laura Silverstein
Dr. Natalie Simpson
Dr. Kevin Smith
Dr. Kristopher Smith
Dr. Stephen Spencer
Dr. David Stangl
Dr. Symon Stanley
Dr. Sterling Stevens
Dr. Bozena Strachan
Dr. Anuj Suri
Dr. Katharine Suslik
Dr. Barry Taller
Dr. Michael Taloumis
Dr. Stephanie Thomas
Dr. Matt Thompson
Dr. Karina Thompson
Dr. Lori Tima
Dr. Kevin Tran
Dr. David Valenta
Dr. Helen Vilchez
Dr. Jason Ward
Dr. Harry Werner
Dr. Clint Wire
Dr. Matthew Wood
Dr. Caitlin Wright
Dr. Timari Yow
Dr. Nataliya Zasadko

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