Thursday, November 3, 2022
November e-News
A word on FOMO and the election, financial acronyms, another tricky riddle, Last Chance Planning Checklist for 2022, meet Luke and Shawna, November events, Kristi's chili, black and white iPhone, and what medical info to keep on file
Happy Thursday!

Have you ever heard of the acronym "FOMO?"

It stands for "Fear of Missing Out." We've all experienced it: Our kids take a vacation with their in-laws and you wish you could've been the one to take them and make fun family memories. Or you say "yes" to yet another club or charity because you don't want to miss out on the opportunities and relationships it could bring... meanwhile, it puts a big strain on your schedule. These days, FOMO is often exacerbated by social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

FOMO is natural.

Most humans want to avoid missing out on potential positive outcomes. Plus, we're naturally social creatures who often compare ourselves to those around us. We all know this behavior can lead to unhappiness if we're not careful.

Don't let the election stir up financial FOMO in you.

Election times are known for causing uncertainty in the markets which may mean some down days until the dust settles... We're not strangers to this. If people around you talk about the negative impacts this policy or that policy may have on investment portfolios, just remember it's not wise to make adjustments based on what you think may happen (aka trying to time the market). Your TVAMP advisors meet with you to adjust your portfolio periodically based on your unique goals while keeping an eye on the overall economic outlook. So don't worry about missing out on anything! It may feel like a "boring" approach but disrupting your investment plan could cost you big time.

If you want to talk anything over or ask questions, feel free to call in!

Good news:

We decided to continue the acronym fun in the section below. Hope you enjoy and find some useful information.

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Printable Resource

2022 Last Chance Checklist
Don't forget November and December are your last two months to exercise control over your 2022 taxable income. We're having several conversations around strategic charitable gifts and Roth conversions right now.

If we haven't met this year, review this checklist and call or email us if you'd like to talk through a few of these items.
Acronyms from Our World
LTC doesn't stand for "License To Chill" (that's Jimmy Buffet's restaurant!)
It stands for Long Term Care insurance. Most LTC insurance claims begin when people are in their 80s. And if you're 65 now, the chance you'll need LTC insurance services is 70%*. Between ages 50 and 65 is generally the most cost-effective time to buy. Here's how LTC helps you live independently.
RMD doesn't stand for "Ruin My Day" (it could actually improve your day!)
It stands for Required Minimum Distribution! If you're over age 72, we will contact you soon to ensure you've taken your RMD from your retirement account before the year ends.
Tax Savvy

QCD doesn't stand for "Quit Claim Deed" (that's real estate!)
It stands for Qualified Charitable Distribution... which might be a wise decision if you’re 70½ or older, charitably inclined, and have a traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA). See our blog about two tax savvy ways to give to charity before this year ends: QCDs & DAFs!
Past eNews | In case you missed it
We sent our last e-newsletter on September 29th. Click here to read it.
Always here for you!
Luke Bowes, CFA mainly works behind the scenes at TVAMP (rather than directly with our clients). Since re-joining TVAMP as a Partner & Director of Practice Management over a year ago, he's helped us implement several "game changers" - from processes to technology updates. He even added overhead music to our main office (how did we get through the day before?!) Luke is one of the reasons TVAMP keeps improving for clients and employees.
Shawna Davis is another one of the few at TVAMP who doesn't work directly with clients but keeps the business running smoothly. As our Business Operations Manager she takes care of our offices, advisors, and administrative staff schedules. Fun fact: Shawna recently bought tickets to see Hamilton at the Tennessee Theatre this February with her teenage daughter. They're big fans of theatre!
See all of the TVAMP team members on our team page.
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Holidays, market closures, and financial to-do's
November 6
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November 11
Veterans Day
November 24
Thanksgiving Day - TVAMP Closed
November 25
Black Friday - TVAMP Closes at 1:00 PM
November 28
Cyber Monday
Contact us if you have questions about any of these dates.
Easy White Chicken Chili Soup
Recipe of the month from the TVAMP Team:
Kristi Hill, Service Advisor
"One of my favorite fall comfort meals. I love to serve it on game day with a maple bourbon cocktail! Go Vols!"
- Kristi
Live Invested
Live life on purpose
We turned our iPhones to black and white recently. Don't worry, we added a short cut to go back to color when we absolutely need to! Here's how to Make Your iPhone Black and White (and why you should).
Ever wonder what medical information you need to keep? We found a good list of what to keep on file.
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