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Heme proteins play a vital role in mammal physiology including the storage and transport of oxygen and electron transport in the mitochondria. In this application note, we use the Spark spectral sensor to measure visible absorbance spectra for several key heme proteins.

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Optics-based research and diagnostic instrumentation in the life sciences depends on the wavelength and intensity of the light source. From lasers and LEDs to NIR sources and broadband lamps, here are some tips on using spectroscopy to characterize light sources.

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The Schematic View of OceanView software helps to manage each step of your experiment. This month: determining DNA concentration.

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First Person Science

To demonstrate the viability of optical oxygen and pH sensors for measuring biological parameters in bioreactor environments, we placed oxygen- and pH-sensitive adhesive patches inside a bioflask to monitor conditions during an E. coli fermentation reaction.  

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Raman spectroscopy is a rapid, nondestructive technique for identification of pharmaceutical products and their raw materials. Discover how even inhomogeneous samples can yield consistent data by using an Ocean Optics IDRaman system with Raster Orbital Scanning (ROS).

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Academic and entrepreneur Luis García-Rubio discusses the rewards of being a mentor and the excitement of new scientific challenges.

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Invest in Ocean Optics spectrometers and accessories today to earn free shipping or a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

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Modular absorbance spectroscopy is a versatile technique for studying liquids and gases. Whether you're identifying a sample or measuring the concentration of a molecule in solution, our extensive range of absorbance sampling accessories will meet your needs.

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In this application note, we examine how a QE Pro series high sensitivity spectrometer, deep UV LED and 4-way cuvette holder create a flexible, modular system for monitoring fluorescence and absorbance from proteins, biomolecules and other UV-excited fluorophores.

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