Your November Shalom School E News Is Here!
Second graders do Tashlich
Our classes have been busy!
In Ms. Josie's PreK/Kindergarten, students could be seen making huggable Torahs, Jonah and The Whale puppets, Shabbat candle holders and learning all about the Fall holidays.
Mrs. Lisa and the 1st Grade Hebrewsaurs enjoyed this short month by singing songs and prayers from our Siddurs. We shared ideas on welcoming guests to our holiday meals and sukkahs. Best of all, we learned more Hebrew letters and practiced by forming the letter shapes in our favorite game of Shape&Freeze!
Mrs. Michelle's 2nd grade clas s has been busy learning about the Fall holidays, reading 3 letter Hebrew words, reading books, and even went on a journey back in time to interview Adam, Eve and the snake when they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden.
Ms. Brina's 3rd and 4th grade class has been working on the Shema and V'ahavta and playing team games like Torah and Hebrew Jeopardy.
Ms. Amanda's 5th grade class learned about the rules to building a sukkah. We learned about what materials can be used, where and when a sukkah can be built, and the minimum size requirements. The students built a mock sukkah in the classroom and practiced the prayer we say for being in the sukkah.
Ms. Emma's 6th grade class has been working hard on their Powerpoints for future classes. They've also been studying the blessings before and after reading the Torah.
Join us for our very popular Grandparents and Special Friends Breakfast
on November 17th ,
where students grade prek-4th will honor their special guests with breakfast and a performance.
Must RSVP by Nov 12 at

We are in need of volunteers for this event, please email us if you can help.
If you have a child age 4 and under, join us at Shalom School for  
Sunday November 24th, 9:30-10:30 am  
 for a session filled with play, song, snack and fun!
Great opportunity to meet other families!
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