Love > Fear

It has been said, that fear cannot exist where there is love.   The issue I have often faced is that if I can't recognize fear, then how can I intentionally choose love?  The answer, as with so many questions, seems to make itself known through yoga and meditation practice.

If I have learned anything on the mat from so many gifted guides, it is that the repression of any emotion, most of all fear, leads to dis-ease. Often when we practice cultivating self-awareness through yoga and meditation, fear can rise to the surface. It makes itself known through our own language of mental, emotional and physical responses. Through practice, we can notice and feel these responses as we continually scan ourselves for variances within our state of being. We may feel a blockage, tightness, heart palpitations, hormonal shifts, stomach uneasiness, anger or an urge to run away. The list goes on. The fear response is personal to each of us, and understanding our own fear response can be the first step on a path to love, the kind of love that emanates from other words,  our inner light.

My practice has brought me closer to fear, and it has helped me create a language that I now understand. I can describe to you my fear response. I know it, and for the first time, I appreciate it. I know that when I sit with my fear, I am one step closer gaining emotional freedom from it. The fear response on the mat that I now recognize is the same fear that arises in work, relationships and financial insecurity. Practice has offered me clarity to see the choice that is always there in any of these situations-- the choice of whether to choose love over fear. I realize I actually have a choice, and since I have a choice in the matter....and it is up to me, then I will always choose love. 


Please join me on the mat this month to explore this idea as we practice together.  I teach Hatha yoga at Complete Health Yoga on Tuesdays (6:00 PM), Saturdays (9:30 AM) and Sundays (11:00 AM), with a special heart-focused Hatha class on Thanksgiving at 9:30 AM!

Thank you for sharing your light with the Firefly community. Hope to see you this month - all classes and workshops listed below.

With love and gratitude,


Find Your Inner Light at the Workplace

Date/Time: Saturday, Nov. 14th (2:00 - 4:00 PM)
Location:   Complete Health Yoga

Many of us are finding that 8 - 10 hours a day, and beyond, we are consumed with work. A yoga and meditation practice can be a lifeline for those managing this type of workload on a daily basis. When faced with this type of daily stress, and long hours at a computer, there are considerations to make sure that your practice is safe, and effective, while focusing on your specific needs. 

Please join us for this special workshop where we will explore yoga and meditation as it relates to your peace of mind in the workplace.

Updated class schedule, beginning November 1st!

Please be sure to view and print the November 2015 schedule by visiting our website schedule page.  This schedule is effective beginning tomorrow, which includes a change in the morning classes.

Please note, due to teacher availability, the Friday 5:30 PM class at Complete Health Yoga is canceled for November only. Look for a new class at this time beginning in December!

If you haven't yet registered on MindBody Online, click here to visit our studio page. You can always check out the latest schedule and prepay for classes online.

Good News for Firefly Studio Space! 
We are so pleased to announce that our friends at Vibe Massage Studios will be moving into the previous Firefly studio space at 2500 Brunswick Pike beginning January 1st! As you all know, we have poured so much love into that special studio, and we couldn't be happier that the ladies of Vibe will be continuing the tradition of healing in that space.

To celebrate their grand opening, Vibe is offering a " Buy One, Get One" special beginning this month.  Please visit their website using the link below to learn more about what they offer!

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