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Dear Friends of Anderson's La Costa,

November is already well underway! The clocks have fallen back and the daily temps are slowly inching downward. Hopefully you are still waking up at the same time in the morning and taking advantage of the extra early sunlight. We hope that you are adjusting to the changes of the seasons and finding time to enjoy your garden, too.

Luckily, most if not all days at the nursery have something sweet to catch your eye even amongst the seasonal change. It means new categories of plants are in bloom, different birds and pollinators are returning, and shaded sections that weren't there during summer have reformed. It's a new cycle of life, once again!

Believe it or not, the holidays are just around the corner! We are happy to report that paperwhite and amaryllis holiday bulbs are in, and wreaths and poinsettias will start to arrive by about Thanksgiving. Please find our Pre-Order Wreath offer with special pricing below, plus our monthly nursery newsletter sale:

November Newsletter Specials

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4-inch and 6-pack Veggies & Herbs

and Outdoor Tropical Plants & Trees continued...

Many cool season veggies like carrots, kale, lettuces, garlic, peas, and broccoli are ready for planting, plus grab your tropical fruit trees (avocado, banana, passion fruit, etc.) and outdoor tropical plants, too!

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In this newsletter don't miss "What's New in the Nursery..." by the fabulous Steven, November Gardening Tips, and Old Ben's newest article featuring the benefits of being a birder - and there are plenty!

Our staff has been busy finding the best plants for you and getting the nursery into tiptop shape, so we hope you will stop by to say hello. We look forward to seeing you soon, and we hope you have a very good start to the holiday season!

Warmest regards,

Marc, Mariah and the Team at Anderson's

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Pre-Order Holiday Wreaths

Beautiful, quality greens you and your family will love. Grown in the Northwest U.S., these greens are fresh, fragrant, and long lasting. We hope you will be impressed with the beauty and quality.

Please use the attached order form to place your order. Call in to make payment, or stop by and drop off your form and pay at the register. Order by the end of November for pick up at the nursery starting the first week of December. Orders placed before Thanksgiving can be made available sooner.

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Pre-Order Holiday Wreath Order Form

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What's New at the Nursery Steven Froess

Greetings Everyone!

November has arrived and with it some great opportunities to replant or upgrade your garden. Fall can be one of the most ideal times to plant because conditions are less stressful to plants. The short days (which unfortunately affects my golf game), cooler temperatures, and occasional rainfall help plants establish more easily. 

California natives have much higher success rates when planted this time of the year. Be sure to check out our Moosa Creek table as well as our other growers in that section of the nursery. Some of my favorites include: San Miguel Savory (excellent groundcover with aromatic foliage), Saliva munzii & clevelandii (excellent flowers for hummingbirds and fragrant foliage), Trichostoma x purpusii (hardier than the original and flowers smell sweet like candy).

Monardella liniodes (San Diego willowy mint) has an addictive fragrance to the leaves as well as a nice growth habit. Sambucus Mexicana (Mexican elderberry) is great for pollinators and has edible berries, and we are carrying several different species of Dudleya. Remember, California natives have many benefits for the garden including being drought tolerant and great for the local ecology. 

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Australian and South African natives also fit nicely into a drought resistant landscape and have some very beautiful/interesting foliage and flowers. Leucospermum (pincushion protea) are starting to come in and have some of the showiest flowers. Current varities include 'Yellow bird', 'Scarlet ribbons', 'Flame giant', 'Spider', and 'Sunrise'. Leucadendron are the foliage showstoppers and also make great cut branches for arrangements. Some of my favorites include: 'Safari goldstrike', 'Red gem', 'Winter red', 'More silver', 'Ebony', and 'Jester'.

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Banksias are incredibly sturdy once established and have some great long-lasting flowers. We currently have Banksia ericifolia compact (pictured below), Banksia blechnifolia (very cool low growing variety), and Banksia caleyi (has a red flower!)

Grevilleas are tried and true in our area. They are very drought tolerant and flower mainly in the winter but also on and off throughout the year as well. If you want to attract hummingbirds into your garden, planting a few grevillea will certainly do that. For taller varieties try 'Moonlight' or 'Long Jon'. Shrub forms include Grevillea thelemanniana, 'Superb', and 'Little honey'. Groundcovers such as 'Coastal gem' and 'Mt. Tamboritha' are great for slopes of coverage.

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Be sure to check out our restocked veggies (including carrots, kale, lettuces, Bok choy, tatsoi, garlic, peas, broccoli, and more) currently on sale 20% off through the end of November. We are also continuing our outdoor tropical plants sale as well. Choose from in-stock plumeria, hibiscus, Mandevilla, outdoor bromeliads, philodendron, birds of paradise, avocado and tropical fruit trees, and so much more.

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Also restocked with lots of goodies is the cactus and succulent section. Some of my favorites include Pedilanthus bracteus, lots of different Aloes such as ramosissima (in one gallon, picutred!), erinacea (small one gallon but such a cool plant), vanbalenii (recurved leaves that turn red with yellow flowers in the winter), and some new dwarf varieties like Aloe 'Safari sunrise', 'Little gem', bakeri (yellow flower!), 'Tingtinkle', and bellatula. Mangaves such as 'Center of attention', 'Desert Dragon' as well as Pachypodium gaeyi, Euphorbia horrida and obesa. 

Indoor plants are restocked and looking great. Ficus lyrata of all shapes and sizes, Ficus 'Audrey', Ficus elastica, Yucca elephantipes (great for bright light and low water needs), Dracaena of all types, and Giant birds of paradise. 


We also have some beautiful bedding color for both sun and shade, lots of hanging baskets to freshen up your patio, pottery galore, and a fully stocked Garden Gift Shop just in time for the holidays.

Please stop by for a visit and watch the transformation into the holidays. As always, I look forward to seeing you all at the nursery!

Your Local Horticulturalist,


November Gardening Tips

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November can bring glorious weather for

gardening in the San Diego area. Mild and warm days and cool nights are ideal growing conditions for cool-season plants. Working in the garden is usually a very pleasant and rewarding experience this month.


If you haven't already done so, November is a particularly good time to add trees, shrubs, and ground covers to your landscape. November can sometimes deliver much-needed rain in Southern California as it is possible to receive up to 10% of our rainfall in November or early December. It's a great time to prune dense trees and make sure newly planted trees are well-staked before the winter arrives.

To continue reading November Gardening Tips, click here.

N E W S L E T T E R | S P E C I A L S

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November Nursery Specials

20% Off

4-inch & 6-pack

Veggies & Herbs,

All Outdoor

Tropical Plants & Trees

Expires November 30, 2021

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From the Desk of Old Ben: The Benefits of Being a Birder

Birding is Popular:

There are more than 50 million birders in the United States and millions more in the world, making it one of the most popular and rapidly growing hobbies in the world. Birding is easy for all ages to enjoy, it is a popular family activity.

Birding is Educational:

Birders not only learn about different birds, but they also learn about migration, bird behavior, food preferences, courtship and bird territories. Birders observe new species.

Birding is Versatile. It is a hobby that works well with other activities:

  * Photography: Many birders photograph the birds they

   see to help identify them or just to enjoy their observations.

  * Gardening: Avid birders are frequently experienced gardeners

   who plant trees, shrubs, and flowers specifically to provide

   food and shelter that will attract birds.

  * Travel: Enthusiastic birders will travel to festivals, conferences

   and fantastic birding destinations to keep adding new species 

   to their life list.

  * Woodworking: Anyone who enjoys building wood craft projects

   can also enjoy building bird houses, nesting boxes, and bird

   feeders to see their work put to practical use.

  * Hiking: Hikers have opportunities to see species of birds that

   do not usually visit backyards, including rare species and

   birds of prey

  * Pets: Wild birds are great pets that can be nurtured and enjoyed

   without requiring veterinary care, indoor accommodations or

   behavioral training.

Birding is Good Exercise:

Actually, it is great exercise for all fitness levels. Seeing many different types of birds may require long walks and hikes over uneven and hard terrain while carrying a field bag with guides, binoculars, scopes, and other equipment. Us backyard birders get great exercise as we heft large bags of seed, clean feeders and keep up landscaping to benefit wild birds.

Birding Is Inexpensive:

All it takes to get started is good eyesight, a simple field guide and an interest in watching birds. Even birders who would like a field bag, binoculars and other supplies can find options for low budgets.

Birding is Challenging:

Some bird species such as sharp-shinned hawks and cooper's hawks or the difference between species of gulls, can be very hard to identify. These types of challenges urge birders to continually improve their hobby, leading to even more fun.

Birding Is Fun:

For an enthusiastic birder, nothing is more exciting than spotting a new or rare bird, or learning to distinguish birds through their personalities. Fresh air along a birding trail can be invigorating. By nurturing wild birds through conservation efforts and personal birding practices, birders can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment to be part of one of the most popular hobbies in the world. 

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Please check out our full-line of local birdseed and

wild bird product at Anderson's La Costa Nursery, your North County supplier of Old Ben's Wild Birdseed.

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