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Benefits of Adopting A Mature Pet!

Puppies and kittens are enchanting little beings. They're funny & cute and full of promise. But they, like all babies, need a lot of care and attention. DId you know there are some big advantages to adopting a more "mature" companion?

1. Many adults and mature animals are already trained. And you can teach an old dog new tricks!  Puppies & kittens are a lot of work. They will need to be trained and can be quite destructive in the meantime.

2. You know what you are getting -- both in size & temperament. 

3. Adults and seniors will love you as much as a baby.

For more information on adopting a senior pet, click  here!

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November is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month, and the purfect time to showcase some of the great mature animals at Orphans of the Storm waiting to find their forever homes!

For more information on any of the following pets, please click on their photos. You can also call the shelter at  (724) 548-4520 , or visit their website at  www.orphansofthestorm-pa.org .

Shep --  waiting for home three years.

Shelby -- great girl! Waiting two years for home.

Pixie-- great mature feline! Long-term resident.

Harley -- handsome guy! Waiting two years for home.

Miss River -- nice little girl!

Scooter -- 10-year-old Chihuahua.

Trevor -- needs needs quite, understanding home.

Willy is affectionate & silly -- loves playing with his favorite toy!

Junior -- 8 year old Pekapoo mix.

Skipper Lee -- friendly & loves attention!