is Diabetes Awareness Month
Greetings and Håfa Adai,
November brings tidings of the holiday season, but it is also a month to raise awareness of a special cause here at StayWell: diabetes. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of disability and death in the United States. On Guam, 12% of adults are living with diabetes.
Join us this November as we raise awareness about diabetes, its risk factors, living a healthier life, and the impact it has on our island and around the world.
November Sponsorships and Events
· Guam Pharmacists Association
  Gold Sponsor for American Pharmacists Month Event

· John Robert Powers and Alee Shelter
  Sponsor for 15th Anniversary “Fantasy Showbiz” Event

· Guam Diabetes Association
  Gold Sponsor for 2018 Diabetes Conference
StayWell Holiday Schedule
The holidays are approaching! Our holiday hours are listed below:

· Thursday, November 22 – CLOSED
· Friday, November 23 – CLOSED
· Monday, December 24 – Open from 8am - 12pm
· Tuesday, December 25 – CLOSED
· Monday, December 31 – Open from 8am - 12pm
· Tuesday, January 1, 2019 – CLOSED
Safety Observance
November 5 is marked as World Tsunami Awareness Day.
Educate and prepare yourself, family and friends by following these tips:

· Take a drive around the island to identify possible tsunami evacuation routes
· Find your designated safe assembly area
· Learn more about the local warning system
· Assemble an emergency preparedness kit 
· Know the warning signs of an oncoming tsunami