November is National Gratitude Month
The Thanks-Giving Foundation is excited to honor National Gratitude Month during the month of November. Here are some ways you can participate with us.
November 2, 2019

Mindful Gratitude in partnership with Mastermind Meditate
The Thanks-Giving Foundation is partnering with the Mastermind Meditate to bring you an informative program on Mindful Gratitude. This free one hour session will help you get in touch with the gratitude in your life.  Click here to sign up and join the group!
November 3, 2019

Concert with Billy Crockett
It’s almost here! The fabulous Billy Crockett will entertain a roomful of Gratitude Enthusiasts at The Kessler Theater on Sunday, November 3rd. This event is presented by and benefits The Thanks-Giving Foundation and helps support our important work in the community.
November 16, 2019

Special Mural Unveiling
at Thanks-Giving Square
Have you heard the exciting news? A new mural by local artist JD Moore is coming to Thanks-Giving Square! We assembled proposals from a number of top artists, and JD’s work rose to the top. He is creating as we speak, and we will reveal the finished work on Saturday, November 16th at noon. You will want to be on hand for the unveiling and celebration, complete with food trucks and music! Come meet the artist and join in the fun!
November 21, 2019

Interfaith Thanksgiving Service
The second annual Interfaith Thanks-Giving Service will be hosted this year on Thursday, November 21st at The Lake Highlands Chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints . Last year’s event was a rousing success full of gratitude and goodwill. Come as we bring people of all faiths and cultures together to celebrate by giving thanks during the season of Thanksgiving.
During the Month of Gratitude we will once again be sharing messages of gratitude written and posted by visitors to the Chapel of Thanksgiving. You’ll laugh…you’ll cry…but mostly you will be grateful! Tune in daily to our social media channels to honor these messages; visit the Chapel at Thanks-Giving Square to contribute your own personal statement of gratitude.
It’s been a long time coming, but now you can let all your friends know that you are a Gratitude Enthusiast by showing off your Thanks-Giving Foundation gear . We are proudly offering t-shirts, mugs, posters and note cards for your purchase. Also, we are offering “in-lieu-of” cards for your gifting opportunities. Please consider dropping one in with each of your holiday cards, informing your friends and family that they have been honored with a gift in their name to The Thanks-Giving Foundation.
About The Thanks-Giving Foundation
The Thanks-Giving Foundation owns and operates Thanks-Giving Square, a contemplation garden, exhibition hall and interfaith chapel nestled in the heart of downtown Dallas. The Foundation strives to make North Texas a better place to live, work and play by educating, inspiring and moving its people towards becoming the City of Thanks-Giving.

Our purpose is to bring together diverse people on the common ground of gratitude through our places, ideas and actions. We provide resources and initiatives that encourage individuals from all walks of life to embrace gratitude, virtue and goodwill. We believe that enhancing the presence and practice of gratitude in people’s daily lives can foster mutual understanding that guides us all to a united place of harmony with others, our community and ourselves.

To live a life of gratitude is to live a life of virtue. We believe people with a grateful spirit who aspire to live a virtuous life and demonstrate goodwill will find happiness and contentment, no matter where they’re from or where their journey takes them. By living a virtuous life of gratitude and goodwill, we believe individuals from all backgrounds, cultures and religions have the power to overcome differences and join together to strengthen communities, heal divisions and promote compromise.
Bringing diverse peoples together on the common ground of gratitude.