At Christian HELP, your prayers, your service, your financial support are the fuel for our work.
You keep us encouraged, the lights on, the bills paid, and even provide the labor for so much of the ministry. You ensure that local families in need of a job, food, resources, and hope
get what they need.
Christian HELP has a paid staff of 15, but an unpaid staff of 40 or more people working every week with us through volunteerism. These volunteers make a huge difference in the quality and amount of services we provide.
Volunteers represent our business partners, our church partners, families, and civic organizations. They also represent members of our community who see the value in what we do and want to give back not just financially but with their time and talents.
You are empowering family independence right here in your community and your support is crucial to their success.
We are grateful for you, whether you give your time and talent or treasure to help keep the mission going.
Learn more about volunteer opportunities by clicking this link.
Every hour and every dollar really does make a difference.
Thank you.
== Wednesday, November 3rd ==

These are just some of the 90 companies and nearly 180 representatives who will be actively hiring next week at the Central Florida Employment Council job fair!

Are you looking for your next career opportunity?
This is your chance! 

Space is limited. Masks are required. Sign up now!
Click here to learn more!
== Tuesday, November 16th ==

Make plans to join us at our next Come, See, Hear event!

This is your opportunity to learn more about how your support empowers local families.
Get behind the scenes for lunch, a tour, and you'll get to hear why a business or church partner already supports Christian HELP.
Space is limited! Sign up now and bring a friend.
(Masks are required.)
We are hiring for
Entry Coordinators/Customer Service Representatives.
You will be the first point of contact for guests and clients.
You should love serving and be detail-oriented.
Click here to learn more.