"Creating a new community way of living in Tulsa,
where neighbors become friends."
The Designs are Here!
Last month we revealed our long awaited site designs...
The large turnout proved just how ready Tulsans are for alternative housing options. The room was filled with people who have been following our journey from the start, and people who have just discovered the idea of cohousing. No matter their background, everyone was looking for a better way to grow older; a neighborhood that will provide the connections, resources and support to age in place and thrive.
Our designs offered people a glimpse into a new "good life." A community designed around the premise of maintaining independent homeownership while still surrounding yourself with a supportive community of people that care about one another.
The event even drew the attention of local news outlet, Tulsa World, who interviewed several Heartwood Commons community members. Below is one of our favorite quotes from the article:
There were several people at the event who were there to support the community, and all that has been accomplished thus far...
Our local architect, Molly Jones of Jones Designs, spoke about her unique designs for our individual homes, shared spaces, and 2,800-square-foot common house which will include a gourmet kitchen, living and dining rooms, an art/craft studio, and two guest rooms.

Katie McCamant, our development consultant and cofounder of cohousing in the US traveled all the way from California to be at the event. She talked about her 30+ years founding, designing, developing, and living in cohousing communities, and the impactful work being done to bring the first cohousing community to Tulsa.
Kay Stewart, long time friend of Heartwood Commons, and founder of Oak Creek Cohousing in Still Water, OK, was also at the event showing her support. She was able to give insight into what living in a cohousing community is like;

"One of the best parts of living in cohousing is how much money you save. Your energy costs are reduced from the environmentally friendly designs, your food costs are reduced from participating in community meals, and other costs are reduced just by being part of a supportive community. For example, after having a medical procedure you do not need to check into rehab, you can come home to a community who will help you get back on your feet."
Interested in Seeing the Designs and Learning More?
Join us at the following event...
Meet and Greet as Heartwood Commons:
Come and Learn S'more
Saturday, November 16th, 1:00
7141 S. Quincy Ave, Tulsa, OK

Join us on the land and learn more about Heartwood Commons. Meet and visit with community members. Ask questions and imagine the possibilities of living in this close-knit neighborhood where you will enjoy your privately owned home, generous common amenities, and connections right outside your front door. We'll be waiting for you with a fire in the fire pit, and all the ingredients to make S'mores!
Want to Learn More About Cohousing?
The Cohousing Association of the US is a great resource!

Cohousing is catching on everywhere in the world. And Cohousing.org gives you a wonderful way to find out more about the issues that concern cohousers everywhere. Sign up for their electronic newsletter to receive a twice monthly informative newsletter.
Learn More About Heartwood Commons
We're a local group of friendly, engaged and proactive adults who are working together to create Tulsa’s first cohousing community – a vibrant neighborhood where neighbors know and care about one another. We welcome you to come see our site, ask us questions, get to know the community, and participate in our meetings.
If you’ve been thinking about cohousing and you’d like to help create the community, literally, now’s the time get involved.
See our HOW TO GET INVOLVED page on our website.
Or call us at: ( 918) 519-5298.

The Land That Will Become Heartwood Commons

For more information about Heartwood Commons, check out our website , follow us on Facebook , call Suzy Sharp at
918-519-5298 or email heartwoodcommonstulsa@gmail.com .

Please note: for the time being, you'll also receive periodic emails from CoHousing Solutions , our development consultant. Their newsletters contain information about the cohousing movement and developments across the country.