In For A Shock: Exchange Customers Get Glimpse Of Painful Rate Hikes
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Covered California's big 2017 rate hikes are starting to hit home for consumers.

The state health insurance exchange began mailing notices to its 1.3 million customers on Wednesday, alerting them that they can determine exactly how much the premiums for their current plans will rise in 2017, and begin shopping around for cheaper options.
Kaiser Open Enrollment Has Been Extended!
Choose from 13 Gradfathered HMO Kaiser plans and 9 Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant Kaiser plans, for a total of 22 plan choices, something for everyone!

To request more information regarding Open Enrollment visit our website.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Diet success: Does brain structure play a role?

Dieting has increased in recent decades, but interestingly, so has obesity. In the midst of so many people struggling to lose weight and keep it off, a new study suggests that the problem may lie in the brain. Results show that the ability to self-regulate body weight could be down to each individual's brain structure.

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7 Mistakes That Cost Homeowners BIG Money During Cold Weather

Wintry weather is great at turning up problems you didn't even know you had. Like that first snowy night in front of your fireplace that you thought was pure bliss - until you noticed a leak in the ceiling corner, which apparently was caused by a lack of insulation. How were you supposed to know that?

L.A. County plans to make hospitals report superbug infections
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Los Angeles County plans to require hospitals to begin reporting when patients are infected with a certain superbug so lethal that it can kill half its victims, health officials said Thursday.

Unlike two dozen other states, California has not required hospitals to report when patients are sickened with the lethal bacteria, which federal officials warn is one of the nation's most urgent health threats.

The hospitals will be advised of the new reporting requirement "in the next few months," said Dawn Terashita, deputy director of the county's acute communicable disease control program.
What's the Longest Humans Can Live? 115 Years, New Study Says
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On Aug. 4, 1997, Jeanne Calment passed away in a nursing home in France. The Reaper comes for us all, of course, but he was in no hurry for Mrs. Calment. She died at age 122, setting a record for human longevity.

Jan Vijg doubts we will see the likes of her again. True, people have been living to greater ages over the past few decades. But now, he says, we have reached the upper limit of human longevity.

"It seems highly likely we have reached our ceiling," said Dr. Vijg, an expert on aging at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. "From now on, this is it. Humans will never get older than 115."

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