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November 2014
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The Sun/Jupiter Mutual Reception
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Alethea is a personal astrologer dedicated to providing clients with caring guidance and direction as they journey through life. She has studied western tropical astrology for over 15 years and finds it to be an invaluable resource in promoting better self-understanding. Her focus is on empowering clients to recognize, understand, and work with the energies inherent in their charts in order to help them find their own unique paths in life. She is truly passionate about the opportunity this divine science affords for growth.
Alethea encourages her clients to take destiny into their own hands by teaching them how to create positive changes in their lives instead of simply being "resigned to fate". This the very essence of
"Empowered Destiny" - recognizing the power of conscious choice and the important role it plays in shaping our lives. Every day we are faced with options that have the ability to shape the outcome of our lives.
With the awareness gained through astrology we are able to make better choices when faced with challenging circumstances, maximize our potential for happiness and fulfillment, and are better able to avoid any potential pitfalls along our journey. 
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We have a joyous, life-affirming influence coming into play that will help spread some good cheer from November 22nd until December 21st. Even with the penultimate Pluto-Uranus square closing in upon us in December, it seems we're getting a little taste of summer heading into the wintertime thanks to a mutual reception between the Sun and Jupiter. Now this doesn't mean we'll necessarily be walking around in shorts and t-shirts, but what it does mean is that - on an energetic level - the overall backdrop is a little brighter, sunnier, and warm than it would otherwise be due to this astrological pairing.

Now this particular astrological combo can have many effects - some constructive & some a bit more problematic - so it's important to understand the energies we're working with in order to raise our level of awareness and make conscious choices to resonate with the higher side of this vibrational spectrum. Summer sun can warm or it can burn when absorbed in excess, so being awakened to the possible manifestations of this astrological mixture can avert the need for some metaphorical aloe vera gel later on. ;-) It's all about aligning our intentions accordingly in mindset, word, and deed. 



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The Sun/Jupiter Mutual Reception


Let's start with a brief refresher on mutual receptions: You may recall that planets in this condition are similar to exchange students residing in one another's homes. That's what Jupiter and the Sun are doing for a period of 30 days between November 22nd & the Winter Solstice - Jupiter is touring the Solar sign of Leo, while the Sun will visit the Jovian sign of Sagittarius. This energy reaches a peak from December 10th-18th, when these two planets also reach out to one another via a trine.  These are both fiery "yang" forces, and though their potential expressions can certainly run the gamut, this tends to be a rather upbeat vibe on the whole. The Sun represents a playful, child-like energy while Jupiter symbolizes happiness & laughter - in my mind's eye, I see this energy a bit like an actor donning the costume of jolly old St. Nick for the sake of bringing a smile to children's' faces. In fact, one effect of this mutual reception is that it absolutely does emphasize matters regarding children, so perhaps the holidays will be a bit more "all about the kids" than usual this year with this influence in play. I see some pretty extravagant toys ahead for all the good little girls & boys, as one aspect of Jupiter can represent excess - needless to say, Santa may be inclined to go a bit overboard!

Since we're talking about the potential for "too much of a good thing" in relation to the kiddos, I think it's important to also offer a counterbalancing perspective on this mutual reception. One Lo-Fi facet of this energy could possibly manifest as over-indulging our offspring in a way that spoils them, and for this very reason it may be a good time to make an extra effort to introduce the principle of gratitude to the youngsters - maybe via a story or fable. A thankful perspective can help us appreciated the abundance we are blessed with and also discourages a sense of entitlement. When we realize life is not about having the best of everything, but rather about being the best person that we can be, we keep our egos in check because we realize it's not "all about us". The glory belongs someplace higher, and even if we aren't particularly religious we can certainly appreciate our good fortune and realize that others may not be as lucky. Backing up to get this kind of perspective - even when everything isn't always coming up roses - opens up the heart center and stimulates our sense of generosity. Remember always that "there is no exercise greater for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up", so we might use the heart-expanding potential of this energy to radiate goodness, light, and to be a better "us". Acts of heartfelt generosity can help us toward this end, and especially as this is a season of abundance for so many, why not consider paying it forward to someone who may not have as much as we do? A toy for a child in need, a donation of goods to a local soup kitchen, or a financial contribution to a charity designed to lift others up & provide them with hope are all good places to start. If even the Grinch's heart was able to grow three sizes, with this influence in play there's definitely no reason we can't expand ours as well! 


On a slightly different yet related note about expanding the heart center, we might also consider how this influence could serve as a boon for the dating scene. Solar energy is all about affairs of the heart - it's that fun, romantic stage where we're wooing or being wooed and generally just focused on having a good time rather than worrying about where it will go. That why they call it "the dating game"! Jupiter increases our chances for a good time, and when working hand-in-hand with the romping Sun's playful energy, our confidence can be increased through the vehicle of dating regardless of where it goes or doesn't go. As long as we're enjoying ourselves and everybody's having a good time, who cares? We don't have to put a ring or a label on it! This vibe is spontaneous and willing to take a chance, so why not let it ride?!


Back to the idea of this energy increasing confidence, I should mention that one thing we might be watchful of during this during this 30-day window is the potential for overblown ego. This would certainly be a Lo-Fi manifestation of this mutual reception - pride and self-confidence on their own are good things, but remember that Jupiter does tend toward excess so it's real easy to go too far with this and puff out our chest. Being confident is quite different than being cocky, and the way to differentiate is if we believe in our own hype. Having faith in our talent and creativity is one thing, but being high on ourselves is quite another! Speaking of creativity and talent, this is also a vibe that expands both, so whether you're holiday crafting or baking, or simply just looking for fun ideas to get into the spirit of the season, having this mojo doin' its thang in the background can definitely lend some creative inspiration!


We should also touch upon the fact this mutual reception highlights our beliefs, philosophies, and political ideologies. This is a time of year sacred to many religions from the Pagan Yule, to the Jewish Hanukkah, to the Christian Christmas. While it's wonderful to celebrate our faith, a certain caution is due this year because we have all this Solar energy so strongly in play. We should do our best to recognize ALL faiths and adhere to the true spirit of our beliefs rather than over-identifying with a particular dogma, as Solar energy does hold the potential to be self-centered or ego-driven when done in Lo-Fi. Along this vein, we should practice tolerance, goodwill, & generally avoid the prejudice that can come from believing that our own particular Truth is the best/only "right" Truth. We can be devout in our Path and yet still honor others' Truths and the goodness that lies within them even if we don't see things quite the same way or believe the same things. Similarly, we should note this mutual reception kicks in shortly after election time, so whether our chosen candidate won or lost we might take a cue from the Hi-Fi side of this energy by practicing some good sportsmanship - a handshake and a "Good game!" is a lot better than over-identifying the ego with a particular political stance or candidate, because this pairing does have more than a twinge of self-righteousness to it when done in Lo-Fi.