Is Thanksgiving one of your favorite times of the year? It is for us at thanksCenter Stage Software! 

During this wonderful time of year, all of us on the Center Stage Software team wish every single one of our clients, suppliers, and vendors a very Happy Thanksgiving.  

We especially want to take time to thank our clients who have given us wonderful suggestions during the year.  

One story we'd like to share just happened just this week.  

One of our clients, Judy of Theatre on the Ridge, reported that when running reports in Wintix, the reports displayed in a very large font on her monitor, as well as on her printed reports. Later, we heard from another one of our clients, George of Delray Beach Playhouse, that when printing tickets from two of his computers, the tickets printed just fine, but when printing from another computer, the tickets would print in a very large format. Within a few minutes, he emailed saying that he fixed it and all was well. We asked how he fixed it. It turns out it was a Windows issue. Read here how it was done.

When we emailed Judy and she emailed us back,  "O.M.G!!!!! That worked like a charm!!! Thank this gentleman profusely for me. After endless hours trying to fix this problem on my laptop for the last few months ... finally a miracle solution!!! I am ecstatic!!!!!"

Thank you everyone for working with us AND EACH OTHER!  Enjoy the blessings of this season.

Bruce and Diane also want to thank our contractors who work very hard in providing support services to our clients. Many of you have worked with Peggy, Twila and Troy. There are a few people who work behind the scenes that you may not know, though. We would like to take this time to thank:
  • Peggy Dillon, our marketing and communications guru, plus our seating plan builder
  • Twila Houseman, our support technician extraordinaire
  • Troy Lund, provider of software testing services and Click4tix.com online ticketing
  • David Hile, new to our team, who is providing us with testing services for Wintix/Webtix version 5 and 6
  • Dale Reed, our energetic and multi-talented assistant programmer to Bruce.
  • Sarah Duncan, our trusty bookkeeper and sender of invoices, who keeps Diane in line in all things financial.
  • Jean Djubasak, also new to our team, serves as Diane's office assistant.  She brings to the table her organizational skills and business insights.
Now yourwebtix patrons can complete their online purchase within the Webtix shopping cart

Have any of your patrons thought they made a purchase online through Webtix but the purchase was never completed? That could happen if the Webtix shopping cart times out while the patron was on the Authorize.net payment page (this is called the SIM interface).

Because of changes in PCI compliance regulations, your online patrons will now be able to complete their purchase solely within the Webtix shopping cart, which should eliminate that issue. (This is called the AIM interface.)


We are in the process of making this change for all Webtix users. 

Please add the "s" to your "Buy Tickets" button https

In order to be enable your patrons to order tickets through Webtix with the AIM interface, you will need to make sure your "buy tickets" buttons have the https:// NOT just http://.
Our Webtix servers are secure and have a lock because Center Stage Software has installed SSL certificates. Your organization should also consider getting site certificates (SSL) for your website, even if you're not processing credit card transactions. By having a lock on your website will enable the public to find your website easier when searching via Google.

When you change http to https to a URL, if the site has a site certificate, you will see a little lock in the upper left hand side of your address bar.  A locked site means that the site is encrypted.   If your organization's website does not have a lock, you can obtain a SSL certificate for free. 

Meanwhile, one of our Wintix users learned about the new gina
shopping cart changes before
we even announced it!

We were surprised when Gina from Ozark Actors Theatre contacted us to change her payment interface, since we hadn't announced it in the newsletter yet.

Turns out she knows that there are frequent additions and updates to our Help Desk so she looks at it on a regular basis. On the right side of the blog, there is a "Recent Posts" column. That's where she found the recent entry that talks about the return to the AIM interface.

Be like Gina and visit the Help Desk on a regular basis. You never know what you will find!
Are you gettingauthorizemessage Authorize.net receipts that say "Authorization only"   or  Authorized/pending capture"?

PLEASE NOTE: This issue should be resolved once we create an AIM interface for your Webtix. There is a countdown clock in Webtix so people can see how much longer they have to complete their purchase.

Sometimes, a patron will make an online purchase, but the sale hasn't been paid or recorded in Wintix and you will get that message.

What happens is that patrons will start a sale and get to the Authorize.net payment page, By the time they submit their payment information, the Webtix shopping cart has already expired. Authorize.net has received their credit card information, but Authorize.net cannot complete the transaction because the connection with Webtix is severed.

You need to log in to your Authorize.net account to manually capture, or complete, the transaction.  The instructions on what to do are in this Help Desk post.

This is yet another reason why it's extremely important to run  Daily sales reports  in Wintix and check Authorize.net on a daily basis. 
A conversation we've all had all too often ...cartoon
Rhymes with Orange 11-4-16
Have you updated your Wintix this month? update

It's easy to forget but important to do! 

Just go to Help | About Wintix | Download update

The latest build date is 11/15/16

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