November 2017

savvyHow savvy are you about computer security? 

These days - when even large companies with lots of technical protection get hacked, it's important to stay informed about the latest cyber threats. 

AMT Lab (Arts Management and Technology) has set up a 12 question digital security quiz. It's a quick and informative way to determine if you are savvy or need to learn more about things like botnets and rootkits.

One of our clients' network was hacked with ransomware recently - which means the hackers demanded thousands of dollars before their computers were "released."

Fortunately, Center Stage Software had hosted the client's data several months earlier, so we were able to supply a backup from that time period.

Don't let this happen to you!
  • You can take several preventative measures:
    • Let us host your data. We use Amazon's replication servers. Data is duplicated in two areas. If there is a question or problem, we can restore to a recent backup. Best of all, the data connections are very fast. 
    • Back up to the cloud, a CD, a portable hard drive or other secure, non-networked device EVERY DAY!
  • How do you backup? Learn how to create a daily automatic backup of your Wintix data then copy that backup EVERY DAY to a non-networked device or the cloud.
insuranceCan cyber security insurance protect your computer like these secret service guys protect VIPs?

No. It can't. But one of our clients was urged to consider it and was asking us if we had it.

Bruce Rowe, our guru of all things tech, wrote a bit on the Help Desk about how Webtix keeps your transactions safe, how Center Stage Software keeps your data safe, and why you don't need men with dark sunglasses and ear pieces to protect you. And you don't need cyber insurance, either. 


Let us know if you get an error message!

We can't fix what we don't know about. If you get an error message while working in Wintix, please let us know so that we can fix the problem. 
  • Go to Help | About Wintix | Send error log
  • Then call us or email us and let us know you've had an error message.
If you've never seen an Wintix error message, it can look something like this:

Error 1925  Unknown member PAY11.

declinedSpeaking of error messages ...
here's how to find a declined sale by customer ID

One of our Webtix clients got this error message:

A sales error occurred saving data for customer-id '18165'. 
ERROR:Credit-Card Processing Failure - The transaction has been declined because of an AVS mismatch.

It's easy to find a declined sale if you have the customer ID. Click here to learn more.
ticketNew ticket stock sources

You may notice slight differences in shipping charges when you order ticket stock from us.  Weldon, Williams and Lick recently acquired Worldwide Ticketcraft, from which we have purchased ticket stock for a long time. Tickets that don't ship from our California office were shipped from Florida, but now will ship from Arkansas. We are also now buying ticket stock from Premier Southern Ticket, which ships from Ohio.
gobbleHappy Thanksgiving!

We are so thankful for wonderful clients like you. We hope you have the opportunity to celebrate with loved ones and enjoy the season!

When you return from the festivities, remember to download a Wintix update by going to Help | About WintIx | Download update.

Our latest build date is 10/25/17.

Thank you!
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