"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." -Gilbert K. Chesterton

We are truly happy to come to work each morning because we are so grateful to have such wonderful clients, suppliers, and vendors. Thank you all for business! We hope you enjoy this wonderful season with family, friends and loved ones.
scheduleRight on schedule - how to add or remove scheduled, emailed reports

Your board president wants to see a weekly sales report every Monday at 9 a.m. but you don't get in the office until 10. If you use Webtix, you can automatically have a report emailed to any person at any specific day and time.

You can also remove the email address and unschedule reports, too.

support Support prices to increase in 2019

We know many of our clients plan their budgets far in advance. Please note that when your support contract comes due in 2019, plan for a 10% increase. Thank you and please contact Diane Rowe if you have any questions.
ticketsOrder tickets for the holidays on the Center Stage Software website

Do you have special holiday shows coming up? Have you checked your ticket stock inventory to make sure you have enough? We have a ticket stock order form on our website for your convenience. 
  • If you don't use the tear off stubs, we wanted to let you know we have a solid blue ticket with no stub. You would have more real estate for adding logos, sponsors, etc.
backupWhat happened to the 
"Prompt for backup when exiting Wintix" message in Wintix 6?
This prompt was in the Initialization menu for many years in both Wintix 5 and 6. Backing up is our religion and you can't predict when you will need to have a backup. To paraphrase the Bible, judgment day for your computer will come.* 

So, why did we change this and remove the prompt in Wintix 6?
  • The backup procedure we have for Wintix 6 is far better than it was.
  • The backup we used to use demanded so much data the entire server would slow down temporarily.
Now, backups are done constantly and kept in a different area of the data center. If a server drive dies, there is another drive ready to have the load shifted to it. We can restore data much easier. In fact, we can restore to the last 15 minutes. It takes a while to completely restore (about 45 minutes), but we have all the data. This is necessary if you have one of those *insert your favorite swear word* moments. 

If you really do need to backup, that feature is still part of the program. Just click on Tools | Backup | Backup. You will get a nice backup and it will be zipped up and put in your /Wintix6/Output subdirectory.

* "No one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven" Matthew 24:36.
adaYou might pay big if you don't comply with ADA ticketing regulations

You're selling seats, not rooms, but the same rules apply. You could end up paying a hefty penalty or face expensive remodeling and website work if you don't comply. Some states require you fix the situation, while others also award damages to plaintiffs.

If you aren't familiar with ADA ticketing regulations, our Help Desk has an entire category of ADA ticketing posts for you to review.

Even ticket giant Live Nation has been sued - and is now facing a class-action suit because of it's alleged, repeated non-compliance 

Don't think it's only the aggrieved that file suit, though. Plenty of people make their living by investigating businesses and suing them if they notice they are non-ADA compliant. 

Checkout this 15 minute chapter of PBS's "This American Life: The Squeaky Wheelchair Gets the Grease," which describes a kind of "crybaby cottage industry that has grown up around the American Disabilities Act."

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