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November 2019 | Newsletter
Thika and Mara by the African elephants' lake at ARK 2000

Giving Thanks at PAWS
This year marked the 35th anniversary of PAWS' tireless efforts to rescue and provide lifelong sanctuary to animals in need, and to advocate for stronger legislation to protect all wild animals in captivity. As we near the holidays and end of the year, we look forward to our 36th year of service to the animals – and reflect on how grateful we are for the many people, places, and activities that support our mission and enable us to accomplish so much on behalf of animals.
Our late co-founder, Pat Derby, together with PAWS President and Co-founder Ed Stewart, laid the groundwork for the protection of wild animals used in entertainment. Pat's vision of a more humane world for all animals is a fundamental inspiration, and Ed's continued commitment and leadership are the driving force that keeps us energized and motivated to do this important work. Their hard work, tenacity, and courage have had a profound influence on many people involved in animal protection, and most importantly have improved the lives of countless animals.
PAWS' sanctuaries are much like small cities, and our dedicated staff and volunteers are the ones who keep everything running smoothly. From keeping our vehicles fueled and maintained, to purchasing supplies and organizing tours and special events, our many enthusiastic volunteers can always be counted on to lend a helping hand. Animal caregivers provide round-the-clock care for the animals who call PAWS home, insuring that they feel loved and respected. PAWS’ education and advocacy unit battles to prevent animal exploitation in the United States and around the world. Our veterinary staff serves the needs of every animal as a unique individual and strives to keep them healthy and comfortable into old age. Everyone works together as a team, with the well-being of animals as our first and foremost priority.
Above: Rescued tiger Tessa relaxes in her habitat at ARK 2000. She is one of three tigers who found lifetime homes at PAWS after their former home, Southern California's Wildlife Waystation, permanently ceased operations and relinquished their permit to keep wild animals. PAWS and several other sanctuaries across the country stepped up to help, providing permanent refuge for a number of displaced animals. Tessa, Mungar and Czar arrived last month. Click here to read their story.
We give heartfelt thanks to all of the animals who have found true sanctuary with PAWS. Each one has taught us something about resilience, courage, and strength, and we are grateful for the opportunity to provide them a place where they can experience a life free from fear, deprivation and exploitation. A place where a bear can forage for acorns. . . where an elephant can roam long distances and graze and browse on grasses and trees. . . where a tiger can stretch and scratch her claws on a tree. The peace and quiet of nature surrounds us at ARK 2000, and we are thankful for the healing power that these beautiful, natural surroundings provide. 
We are grateful for our many friends and colleagues; individuals and organizations whose continued collaboration and support have helped us move many mountains on behalf of animals.
And most of all, we are thankful for you , our generous supporters, who make everything that we do possible.
Help us reach our #GivingTuesday goal of $50,000+ in 24 hours for PAWS' elephants!
Matching Funds = $42,600

Elephants are the most expensive animals we care for at PAWS and there are eight of them living at our ARK 2000 sanctuary. We estimate it costs approximately $70,000+ per year to feed and care for ONE healthy elephant. This translates to about $5,800+ per month, $1,350+ per week, or $190+ per day for ONE elephant! That's almost $50,000 per month for eight elephants!  

The worldwide annual event #Giving Tuesday takes place on December 3, 2019. This will be the fifth year PAWS has participated. Our fundraising goal for this year is $50,000 ( or more! ) in 24 hours for our elephants, all of whom were rescued or retired from zoos and circuses.

Each and every gift makes a HUGE difference! Your kind support gives the elephants a more natural life, including expansive natural habitats filled with grass, trees, lakes, and the quiet of nature. Our dedicated staff ensures their health and welfare, attending to the elephants 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

#GivingTuesday starts at 12:01 a.m. on December 3rd and ends at 11:59 p.m. but you can make your contribution early!   Donations made between now and December 3rd count towards our #GivingTuesday total and will be added to the leader board on the day of the event.

Double Your Donation!
Thanks to matching grants from generous friends, #GivingTuesday online gifts will be matched up to $42,600!

Giving is easy. . .  Click on the "Donate Now" button below, which takes you to PAWS' #GivingTuesday site on MightyCause. Or call PAWS' office at 209-745-2606, Mon.-Fri., between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Pacific Time) and use your credit card to donate.  Be sure to tell our staff that your donation is for #GivingTuesday. (Only donations made online will be matched.)
Start off the holiday season by giving BIG for the elephants today! Urge your co-workers, family members, and friends to donate as well. 

Thank you from all of us at PAWS!
Thank you to the Caufield Family Foundation and Linda Jordan; Anthony and Barbara Nozzi; and three very special donors who wish to remain anonymous.
Take a Virtual Tour of the Pat Derby Animal Wellness Center at ARK 2000

In an informative new video (below), PAWS Director of Veterinary Services Dr. Jackie Gai, DVM, takes you on a tour of the Pat Derby Animal Wellness Center at the ARK 2000 sanctuary. Named in honor of the late PAWS co-founder, the Wellness Center opened in January 2017 and allows on-site diagnosis and treatment of our animals, sparing them the stress of transport to an outside veterinary facility.
The 1,800-square-foot Wellness Center includes a surgery suite, office, pharmacy, large treatment room with enough space to care for the sanctuary's bears and big cats, conference room and library. The entire building was designed and built with many energy efficient features and is powered by solar energy, as are all the facilities at PAWS.
PAWS extends its deepest gratitude to those who have so generously donated toward the Wellness Center’s construction, equipment, and operating costs. Our special thanks to Julia N. Allen, PhD, DVM; Audrey Steele Burnand; Maggie Ferrari; Linda Gibboney; The Glide Foundation; Ann Henning; Deb Hoffman; The Kerr Family Foundation; Susan Senser; Kristina Wiley, DDS; and more kind donors who wish to remain anonymous.
Click on the arrow above to view the Pat Derby Animal Wellness Center video.
Whitney Cummings, Ed Stewart and Kevin Nealon.

Celebration Honors PAWS' 35th Anniversary
On November 9, friends, celebrities, and supporters gathered at a special event to honor PAWS’ 35 years of rescue and sanctuary for captive wild animals in need. Hosted by PAWS Board Member Katia Bagatta (pictured left with her father, international chef Tony Bagatta) and her family, the celebration was held at the Carl Nolet Sr. Hospitality Center in the Ketel One Pavilion in Aliso Viejo, California.

The evening featured Nolet Silver Gin cocktails and an exclusive Ketel One vodka tasting event (below) hosted by Carl Nolet Jr. and Bill Eldien, as well as a gourmet plant-based menu, musical performances, and elaborate silent and live auctions.
Highlights of the event included heartfelt, and often hilarious, presentations by celebrity guests such as Academy Award-winning actress Kim Basinger (above), actress, writer and comedienne Whitney Cummings, and actor and comedian Kevin Nealon. PAWS President Ed Stewart gave an inspirational talk about PAWS’ history and critical work for captive wildlife, and guests were treated to a video tour of the Pat Derby Animal Wellness Center at the ARK 2000 sanctuary.

Co-Auctioneers Rodney Weeks
and Kevin Nealon.
Above: Auction winners Cathy and Cameron Dube (on the right) with celebrity stylist and photographer Mitch Stone, left, and actress Kim Basinger. The elephant photograph was taken by Stone while on location in South Africa during filming of the movie "I Dreamed of Africa," which starred Basinger.
In honor of PAWS’ 35th anniversary, the organization was recognized with proclamations by U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein and Los Angeles Councilmember David Ryu, tributes from the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, Marin Humane, and the Earth Island Institute, and a special plaque and presentation from Tigers in America.
Above: Whitney Cummings reads the special proclamation sent to PAWS President and Cofounder Ed Stewart from the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. Click on the arrow above to watch.
PAWS is thankful to everyone who made the event a huge success. . .

Our deep appreciation to: PAWS Board Member Katia Bagatta; Carl Nolet Sr. Hospitality Center and Ketel One Pavilion, including Carl Nolet Jr., Bill Eldien, and events managers Leonardo Barthel and Jim Dickman.
Corey Harper and Ireland Basinger Baldwin arrive at the PAWS' 35th Anniversary celebration at the Ketel One Center.
Very special thanks to: Kim Basinger, Whitney Cummings, Kevin Nealon, Mitch Stone, Ireland Basinger Baldwin and singer-songwriter Corey Harper.

Thank you to event sponsors: Cindy Anderson, international chef Tony Bagatta, Bistro K, Ketel One Vodka, Nolet Distillery, M.J. Espiritu-Gerometta, Kimberly McDonald and Dr. Kristina Wiley, DDS.
Much gratitude to our generous table hosts: Linda Gibboney, Lynda & Rich Kerr, Eric Kurtzman, Sandi Peck, and Tigers in America.
PAWS thanks: Auctioneer Rodney Weeks, Bistro K photographer Liero Marchesi, musical guests Corey Harper and Lyndsay Kohl, and author Jamie Heraver.
Kudos to PAWS' culinary team! Front row, left to right: Executive Chef MJ Espiritu Gerometta and Pastry Chef Cindy Anderson. Middle row, left to right: Sous chefs Rhianna Gardner, Leilani Lagge and Jill Mulato. Back row, left to right: Executive Master Chef Roberto Gerometta and Kitchen Support Nick Fredrick.
Finally, PAWS recognizes and thanks our dedicated volunteers: Barry Gardner, Christine Gardner, Elisabeth Hajszan, Ruth Huffman, Stacey Lyons and Dr. Kristina Wiley, DDS, and Kerry Worgan.

PAWS Welcomes Students
and Faculty to ARK 2000

Earlier this month PAWS welcomed students and faculty from American River College in Sacramento, California, to our ARK 2000 sanctuary as part of our innovative educational program, "Wild Animals in Captivity: Exploring the Interface Between Humans and Wildlife." College professors are invited to bring their classes to the sanctuary for the half-day program, designed for those interested in animal welfare and behavior, conservation, biology, human-animal studies, animal law, and more. For information, contact .
Beloved Bear Sampson Passes Away
Sampson, an American black bear, was born on February 12, 1994. He arrived at PAWS' Galt sanctuary in July of 2003, along with three other black bears, Cinnamon, Oma and Scarface (all since deceased) and a tiger (Nelson Redford, also deceased). The bears and tiger had been confiscated by authorities from conditions of severe neglect in a small, drive-through roadside zoo in Texas. The owner of the dilapidated facility was cited for numerous animal welfare violations, and the animals were taken into protective custody by the Houston SPCA until they were transported to their new, permanent home with PAWS.
Sampson lived in our Galt sanctuary until construction of the Bob Barker Bear Habitat was completed at ARK 2000. He had his very own large habitat filled with native grasses, mature oak trees, a large pool, and soft earth beneath his paws. He was especially fond of acorns and every Fall he would enthusiastically forage under the oak trees to pick up the fallen delicacies. Sampson was known for his very expressive eyebrows, and for sleeping on his back with his legs up in the air. He had a calm and gentle nature, and he was well-loved by his caregivers. 
In late October, Sampson's appetite and energy level suddenly decreased and it was obvious that he wasn't feeling well. PAWS' veterinarian, Dr. Gai, called in experts from UC Davis to assist with an abdominal ultrasound examination to look for a possible cause for his illness. They discovered evidence of an inoperable tumor in his stomach. Veterinary and caregiving staff provided extra TLC, including a special diet and supportive medications. Sampson seemed to feel better for a few days after the exam, but his condition soon declined. When it was apparent that his cancer was aggressively spreading, the difficult but most compassionate decision was made to humanely euthanize him to prevent suffering.
Sampson passed peacefully from this life on November 11th, surrounded by many who loved him dearly. He will forever remain in our hearts, a gentle and expressive soul, and a very special bear indeed.
ARK 2000 Holiday Open House
December 14th
A limited number of tickets are still available for our ARK 2000 Holiday Open House to be held on Saturday, December 14, 2019, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tickets are $50 for adults, $35 for seniors (65 and over) and $35 for children age 12 and under. If you're planning to attend, we advise you to purchase your tickets early; tickets are limited and this open house could sell out. No tickets will be sold at the gate on the day of the event.
Visitors to the ARK 2000 Holiday Open House will board shuttles to the bear, big cat and elephant habitats. Once you exit the shuttle you will be walking on grass, dirt, gravel, and sometimes paved surfaces, so please wear comfortable shoes. PAWS management, keepers and volunteers will be on hand to tell you about the animals and answer questions. A gift shop will be available on the day of the event. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.
If you would like to bring a holiday gift for the animals, we suggest any of the following favorites: apples, oranges, bananas, carrots, squash, pumpkins, melons, pears, unsalted peanuts in the shell, fresh mint leaves and fresh rosemary. You may drop off your gift by the front gate, or near the gift shop table when you arrive, or as you're leaving. Thank you!
This event happens rain or shine . Tickets are not refundable.
Two ways to purchase: Click on the button below to buy online and print your tickets at home; or call 209-745-2606, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST, to charge by phone. Visit our calendar of events page for more information. Ticket sales close on Thursday, December 12, 2019, or earlier if this event sells out.
PLEASE READ: Folding wheelchairs and strollers may be taken on most shuttles. Special arrangements for visitors with power scooters and power wheelchairs can be made by calling Kim Gardner at 916-539-5305. Yes, you may bring your cameras but  no drones are allowed. There is no smoking on any PAWS property, including in our parking lots. We take fire prevention very seriously every day of the year. No pets are allowed on any PAWS property, including in our parking lots. Please leave your pets at home. You will not touch any animals and all visitors will be required to stay a safe distance away from all animals. Due to the large size of the ARK 2000 sanctuary and locations of various animal habitats, not every animal featured on our website will be visible during an open house event. However, you will see big cats, bears and elephants.
Thank You November
Amazon Wish List Donors!
Carole Bognar: one bottle of CosequinDS, 132#; one Probiocin. Nancy Gordon: six bottles of Renal Essentials, 60#. Linda Starr: one bag of Pill Pockets, 60#; one box of Denamarin, 30#; one 20 lb. tub of Psyllium. Joy L. Holman: one five lb. tub of Psyllium. Joy Parker Lee: one five lb. tub of Psyllium. Leslie Hafemeister: one Probiocin. Ryan Coplen: two 10 lb. bags of Missing Link Skin & Coat. Anonymous Donors: two boxes of Denamarin, 30#; one 10 lb. bag of Missing Link Skin & Coat..

Click on the Amazon Wish List link below to donate
specific items that are needed at our sanctuaries:
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but not listed on the Amazon list,  here .
Thank you to Joyce Wright of Lincoln, California, pictured here with PAWS' President Ed Stewart, for her donation of a 2001 Polaris GEM electric vehicle for use at our ARK 2000 sanctuary.  
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Adopt A PAWS Animal. If you would like to help our animals, one of the best ways is to become an "adoptive parent," or give a PAWS adoption as a gift to an animal lover in your life. PAWS adoptions are symbolic adoptions only. No animal will be sent! Learn more

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Give to one of PAWS' ongoing MightyCause fundraisers: the "Dollars for Dirt" or "Give BIG" campaigns for PAWS' elephants, or our "Support a Rescued Tiger" campaign to benefit the 14 rescued tigers living at our ARK 2000 sanctuary.
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Attend A Fundraiser. PAWS sanctuaries ARE NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC but we do schedule a limited number of special events throughout the year. Click here to view PAWS' Calendar of Events.
PAWS provides lifetime care to the big cats, bears, elephants, and other animals who call our sanctuaries home. Your kind support provides expert daily care, necessary veterinary treatments, and specialized nutritional support, all tailored to the individual needs of each animal.

Your generous donations make this excellent care possible.

Since its founding in 1984, PAWS has rescued more than 250 animals, including 19 elephants, 88 big cats and 19 bears.
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