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Dear Friend in Christ,

Grace and Peace to you from your fellow EFACters. Richard and I just finished leading the EFAC Council Leadership Summit in Nairobi and teaching at various retreats in the Diocese of Mbeere. We will also be in attendance at the Diocese of the MidAtlantic synod. Thus, a short newsletter. Check out the Facebook page for photos!

This month we also have a special surprise for you. Dr Peter Walker has obtained permission to make a few extracts from Focus on Christ by John Stott available to EFACters. These will be downloadable from our site as soon as we have them.

Now, enjoy the November EFAC newsletter!
Letters From Evangelicals in England
by Rev. Richard Crocker

EFACters in England, Wales, Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, and other places are struggling against the actions and decisions of those in church leadership who prize unity over truth. In response to recent action, faithful bishops in England published this letter through the  CEEC , the English chapter of EFAC. We commend them for their stand for biblical faithfulness and truth, as well as their gentleness and humility, as revealed in this  letter .

We also commend the non-GAFCON evangelical bishops in England, who are reaching out to those who are part of the GAFCON movement through this  letter which asks for a way to bridge the divide between the evangelical bishops in the Church of England and the AMiE, and for ways of cooperation – or at least information – to be developed between the parties.

EFAC is almost uniquely positioned to supply that bridge. We do currently operate in this way in the US, and have been seen as a potential way of operating similarly in New Zealand in conjunction with the initiatives of Sydney. The Scots and the South Africans have already voiced a similar hope for our activity. The same should be useful in any potential developments in Canada.

The goodwill associated with the name of EFAC, together with our policy of not mixing with the ecclesiological functions, whilst maintaining our focus on the biblical and theological dimensions, enables us to be a resource to all comers and a bridge for these divides. It is the mission of EFAC to encourage and develop biblically faithful teaching and mission throughout the Anglican world and build bridges connecting all those who share this vision. We pray and trust that this move towards unity by bishop in England, whilst holding fast to truth, will bear great fruit for the Kingdom.
Disciples Making Disciples
By Dr. Caroline Crocker
Growing the Church 101: Being Disciples Who Make Disciples formed the basis of workshops offered with Bishop Moses Nthukah for church leaders and staff in the diocese of Mbeere. We learned about how all disciples of Jesus are Christians, but that not all those who call themselves Christians are disciples. Disciples learn from the Master; they are His pupils. The question then is, if they are not disciples, are they Christians?

We know from Scripture that Jesus' last instruction to His disciples while on this earth was, " Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,   teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you." Clearly, Jesus expects Christians not only to be His disciples, but also to be making disciples.

This is also evident in Jesus' initial call, where He says, "Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Breaking it down, we first come to Him, the Lord, Savior, Redeemer, Word, Light of the World, Holy One, and much, much more by repentance and faith.

Then, we follow. This requires watching where He is and what He is doing, going where He goes, and doing what He does. How? The instructions don't really change. Read and study the Bible, pray constantly, listen to the Spirit, watch what is happening around you, and join in with His work.

Note what Jesus says next: " I WILL make you fishers of men." Not, "I might, if you are gifted in that way." Not, "I will, if its not too embarrassing or dangerous for you." Not even, "I will, but not until you have time." If you are seriously following Jesus, He will do the next thing and make you a fisher of men. You will catch them.

Then, you will be making disciples. Again, this is not optional, according to Scripture. It is a command. Probably, most EFACters know this. But, do your parishioners know it? Do they practice it? Do you practice it? If there is room for improvement, consider benefiting both EFAC and your part of the world by ordering the Bible study book. All profits go to EFAC. If you would like to use the book, but can't afford it, email us.

According to Archbishop Foley Beach," With all the books and resources on Church Growth, I recommend this work for the local congregation. Dr. Crocker and Bp Andrews have provided an excellent resource for a local congregation to gather its influential members and honestly examine what is hindering their ability to fulfill Jesus' Great Commission. They have provided a safe way for a congregation to look in the mirror, and respond to what they see."
Growing the Church 101: Being Disciples Who Make Disciples is available through Amazon. Bulk orders will be discounted and may be ordered by email. All profits are donated to the work of EFAC.
Growing the Church consists of six small group weekly Bible studies interspersed by two individual Bible study homework assignments per week. You can preview the first couple chapters here.

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