The November Countdown 2015

In Toronto
Isn't that what it feels like sometimes - a countdown towards the end of the year, towards winter and towards the holiday season. November is also an exciting time! A time to photograph those last autumn leaves, to catch up with friends or sign up for a course. There's also some exciting photo related events around the corner. For instance, my friend Lisa McLean from Quark Expeditions just sent me an invite to attend Quark's free reception and preview of the 'Wildlife Photographer of the Year' exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum. That's Wednesday Nov. 18, 2015 between 6:30 - 8:00pm. I've seen previous years of this event and, as one would expect from the B.B.C. who organizes the contest, this is an exceptionally high quality show. 

RSVP Lisa McLean before Nov.12 to be put on the guest list.

Another event (but not free) is the seminar on Nature and Landscape Photography by National Geographic. Click here for more information N.B. if you are going to register use the promo code PHOTO99 which gives you a 50% discount. Full disclosure: I'm not formally affiliated with this event - I'm showing this here because my friend Kate Pocock is helping NG with this event and because I've found the educational quality of NG products to be high. I've registered for this myself and have seen one other NG event in Toronto that was very good.

photo by Nobuyoshi - Winter

Facebook post series on Black and White Photography

If you missed or would like to revisit the series of posts I made about B&W photography on Facebook, simply click the link below. This series was inspired by my passion for this medium - both as a maker and lover of B&W photographs. While writing the posts it was important for me to show the work made by many of my photo influences as well as sharing some of my own work to show certain qualities inherent to B&W imagery. Enjoy!

Artist of Note
Olaf Otto Becker

I first saw the work of Becker a few years ago at the A.I.P.A.D. show in New York City. Gallerie f5.6 from Munich represents him and they were showing a few of the large works from his 'Nordic Light' series. I was struck by the quality of the prints and the open vision that he took into his expeditions into the Northern world. The images seemed to range from the very understated 'new landscape' type photos to some of the most monumental, moving and mysterious landscapes I've ever seen. If you take a look at his website keep in mind that, for the most part, Becker is working with an 8"x10" view camera to make his exposures onto sheet film. Don't try this at home!

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