October 15 2018
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Come for the peace, stay for the love
It's when I'm weary of considerations,
And life is too much like a pathless wood
Where your face burns and tickles with the cobwebs
Broken across it, and one eye is weeping
From a twig's having lashed across it open.
I'd like to get away from earth a while
And then come back to it and begin over. 
--Robert Frost, “Birches”

In an era like ours, when we are “weary of considerations,” a place like the Christine Center is essential. Here, you can “get away from earth for a while,” when “life is too much like a pathless wood,” find peace, then “begin over” with love.  

When our hearts are weeping from the pain of the Earth and her people, flora and fauna, it’s easy to fall into an unloving us-vs-them mindset that cuts us off from our own best selves. We think everything that hurts us is caused by “them.” We assume those who hurt us mean to. We stop trusting. We see “them” as evil and out to destroy us and what we love, then conclude that we must destroy them first. We think that anything that helps “them” hurts us.  We prejudge anyone not “us” as our enemy. We withdraw our empathy for them, think we share no commonality with them, consider them dangerous, and stop talking to or trying to resolve conflict with “them.” Worst of all, we rationalize our own hostility by saying the evil in “them” makes it permissible, even necessary. 

Our challenge is how to protect the Earth and her inhabitants without surrendering, twisting or destroying that divine light in ourselves. The key is love in all its glorious forms.

You’ll see from the text below that the Christine Center is focusing this season on love of one sort or another. This is an ideal time to get away for a while, dry our tears, heal our wounds, and renew our spiritual power to transform our world. Come for the peace, stay for the love.

Russell King, executive director
Work where you make a difference

Donor development and fund raising (part- or full-time) Fund-raising, donor development, capital campaign, and grant writing. We’re open to discussing whether you’re an independent contractor, working alone or with a firm. Main tasks are creating and implementing an annual plan; creating supporting materials; building and maintaining data base of donors and prospects; scheduling meetings and presentations for the executive team; working with volunteers on the development committee, and writing a quarterly report for the board of directors.

Housekeeping (part-time) Help cleaning hermitages, guest rooms, offices, halls, restrooms, chapel, meditation room, conference rooms. Laundry of linens and towels.

Reception (part-time) Taking reservation by phone and email; welcoming guests with warmth and care; answering guest questions; computing bill totals from retreats and bookstore sales and receiving payments.

Maintenance (part-time) Carrying out maintenance tasks on the 26 buildings and 135 acres, according to the weekly schedule and priorities of the maintenance manager, as well as preventative maintenance and applying basic fixes to buildings and equipment to ensure the facilities are safe, and functional for staff and guests. Carpentry, construction, plumbing, electrical skills are especially useful.

Cook or cook's helper (part-time) Mostly vegetarian cooking. The person in this job must be very organized and enjoy cooking. Experience is helpful, but we will work to train the right candidate.

For more information , see our website .
November Programs

V isit our  retreat calendar web page  for more program offerings and descriptions. Visit the  reservation  page for information or call 715-267-7507. 
A Soul Retreat
with Robert Sardello

Nov. 1--5 ( ( Thursday evening through Monday mid-day)

Tuition: $350 (meals and lodging are additional)

In this premier retreat experience, Robert Sardello invites us into reflection and collective ceremony dedicated to cultural “eldering.” Joined by S. Gabriele Uhlein and others for whom the Christine Center is a spiritual home, we will form a community of wisdom creating a unified, initiatory “eldering” field.

Soul-work is now Earth-size. With Robert Sardello as guide, join us in the evolution of a contemporary “indigenous” and vibrant heartfulness. We are asked, regardless of age or personality, to discover an “Earth-elder” way to live Earth-soul presence.

These days of shared retreat are shaped by a daily rhythm of considered conversation, contemplative practice and collective ceremony.
Yoga Nidra 24 with Patricia Wack

November 6-7
(Tuesday 2 PM--Wednesday 2 PM)

Tuition $95 (housing and meals are additional)

Enjoy 24 hours of restoration and rejuvenation through the easiest yoga practice of all – simple, deep, natural rest! The Christine Center welcomes you to a monthly day designated for health, well-being, and ease. Each month, one of our featured instructors will offer a mid-week Yoga Nidra based program designed to help you experience quiet clarity and calm from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Join us as we take a 24 hour “time out” from our busy lives to unwind one serene breath at a time. You may even choose to extend your stay and create your own customized personal retreat. Our woodland sanctuary awaits you!
Writing Your Spiritual Journey with Kate Karshna and Angela Coffee

November 16-18
(Friday 5 PM-Sunday 1 PM)

All-inclusive cost: $272 – $348 (depending on lodging)

To register, please contact Kate by November 3.

Kate and Angela invite you to join us for the 9th Annual Uplift Yoga Retreat! We will explore our interactions with ourselves, each other and nature through the lens of the Pancha Maya Model of yoga. Pancha Maya, or 5 sheaths, represents the 5 layers or aspects of our human experience: physical, energetic, mental, wisdom and bliss.

Our practices will spiral through all aspects of our being, using movement, sound, silence, visualization, and meditation. We will take time for self-care and tap into our inner wisdom and the shared wisdom of the group.
This retreat is intended for everyone, at any stage of yoga practice. 
The Heart of Self-Love
with Dawn Morningstar

November 16 – 18 (Friday-Sunday)

Tuition: sliding fee $150 to $195 (meals and lodging are additional)

Autumn is a time for change, mystery, and comfort. Imagine feeling renewed love for yourself during this sacred weekend. You’ll learn the unique Venerable Women method to love yourself and live your highest and best life—which uplifts and blesses the lives of others on your path. Unlock the mystery of your empowered self in a nurturing, loving, and inspiring weekend with Dawn Morningstar, Venerable Women founder and award-winning author of “Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World.”

When you feel empowered (power  within  and  with  others, not power over ), you open the door to live fully and joyfully. In this loving gathering, you will learn a simple and meaningful practice to empower yourself in all situations. You’ll learn how to stop relying on others for your happiness and wholeness—and become one who lives in authentic, grounded love.  
Midwest Diamond Approach Weekend
The Lataif: Gateways to Essence
With Timothy Bernhard
and Johanna Seubert FSPA

November 23 – 25 (Friday-Sunday)

All-inclusive cost: $315.00 (includes tuition, 2 nights lodging & 4 meals)

The lataif are centers of subtle physiology. Activation of the compassion or green lataif gives us access to our loving kindness and compassion and reveals the mystery of having an open heart. This ongoing program on the lataif is presented by Midwest Diamond Approach teachers. The Diamond Approach is a path of spiritual realization characterized by sincere inquiry into one’s experience, fueled by the love of truth. This Midwest Diamond Approach retreat offers:
·          a unique understanding of psychological and timeless spiritual wisdom.
·          awareness and direct personal experience of a doorway to our being.
·          support for one’s inner journey, and living in the world with loving kindness.
The weekend includes meditations, teachings, movement, and experiential exercises. The retreat begins on Friday night at 7:00 and ends on Sunday noon.
For more information and to register: email S. Johanna Seubert or call 715.267.5703 .
Mandala Weekend
with Gabriele Uhlein OSF, PhD

November 23 – 25
(Friday--Sunday | 10 AM--5 PM daily)

Tuition: $60 a day / $30 for half days (all materials included, meals and lodging are additional)

Commuters welcome! Bring a bag lunch or purchase a delicious vegetarian meal for $16.
Learn how to make mandalas and discover creativity, relaxation and meditation.
Relax, refresh and reflect as your hands create circles of beauty and light.

Sister Gabriele provides guidance and introduces how to use mandala making as a form of prayer and meditation. No previous drawing or art experience is necessary. We will use artist grade colored pencils and watercolors. All materials are provided. Mandalas make wonderful personal keepsakes to honor special occasions and lovely one-of-a-kind gifts  
The Art of Self-Care: Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation
with Andrea Russell 

November 30 – December 2

Going on retreat offers an opportunity to let down the stresses of life and deepen your yoga and meditation practices. In addition to alignment-based yoga classes and mindfulness meditation instruction, you will learn Ayurvedic lifestyle and practice recommendations to align harmoniously with the season, so your health and well-being may flourish.  This retreat offers just enough time to come back home to yourself without having to travel far. All levels are welcome.
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