Full Circle
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"What if today, we were
grateful for everything."
-Charlie Brown
During a year so filled with challenges, you might think it would be difficult to find gratitude. However, we have found it easier than ever to make a list of the things that we are thankful for. In fact, the pandemic and the chaos and uncertainty we have all faced this year has really highlighted those for us.

We are thankful for our participants, who bring us joy each day they arrive and who fill our halls with laughter and conversation again. We are thankful for our staff, our small but mighty crew, who have worn more hats than ever and who have continued to shift gears and make adjustments. We are thankful for our families, who continue to trust us with their loved ones, and who play such an integral role in our community of support. We are thankful for our volunteers, who have found creative ways to support us even though we can't welcome them on site. We are thankful for each of YOU, for following along with us in Full Circle as we navigate our new world. We are thankful for you for calling to ask how you can help, for donating to our participant bins, and for sending us items from our wish-list. We are thankful for your continued generosity and support, that has allowed us to stay open and to serve and to remain a critical part of our community. YOU have made all of this possible.

We are thankful for our community. We have learned so much over our nearly 45 year history, and even more during this intensive period of change that the Pandemic brought. So we are thankful for everyone who passes along the message of Circle Center. The social workers, the doctors, the pharmacists, our volunteers, donors and friends, and those "in the know" who alert anyone who could benefit from our services - what Circle Center is and what we do. We know that we wouldn't be able to serve those who need us most without you passing along our name. A great example of that is the story we share with you below, and just how being in the know can help someone arrive at our door. We are also thankful for our community's service workers and essential care workers. Thankful for the doctors, the nurses, the cleaning crew and all those on the front lines of this pandemic. We are thankful for our military service members who continue to keep us safe. We had an opportunity to offer our gratitude to our veterans recently on Veterans Day and we are happy to share that story with you below as well.

We are thankful for the upcoming GivingTuesday. A global day of giving designed to give everyone the chance to give back to their community. We are thankful for any gift, great or small, as this year we truly know that every little bit helps.

So we are full of gratitude, the gratitude and hope that you have provided us and that will sustain us as we look to the future. We wish you and yours a very Happy, safe and grateful Thanksgiving.
It Takes a Village
It might not surprise many of you to hear that there are still quite a few people in our community who just don't quite understand what it is we do here at Circle Center or well, what Adult Day Services even means? It is always our hope that those in our community who can most benefit from our services will find us, but we all know that navigating the often times tricky world of health care and service options can be overwhelming. So we are always grateful when our "friends in the know" in the community recommend us and help a participant find their way here.

Vera, one of 3 children of 7 siblings who were diagnosed in adulthood with Spinocerebellar ataxia, a condition that affects mobility and coordination, has been a participant of Circle Center for 2 years. She, like many of our participants, was resistant and unsure of the idea of Adult Day, and held to the notion that it is "just for old people!" But through the combined efforts of her sister and a friend from Jewish Family Services, she has become a beloved member of the Circle Center family.

Vera's sister Beth has worked for the Henrico Adult Protective Services office for many years, and therefore has an impressive knowledge and understanding of the services available in our community, as well as a desire to help those who need care to find it. Beth knew that Circle Center could be a great environment for her sister one day, but she, like many people, assumed that her sister in her early 50's would be too young. This is a common concern, and one quickly quelled on a tour, like the one Beth took, where she saw a diverse groups of individuals and an engaging group of staff, volunteers and students who created a dynamic and vibrant community.

With a better understanding of how Vera would fit in at Circle Center, she a was valuable part of the support system that introduced Vera to our program. Likewise, Andrea, with Jewish Family Services, understands the role that Adult Day can play in creating a successful care plan not just for aging adults, but for those individuals and families who need the kind of support and engagement that we offer. Together, they were able to bring Vera to Circle Center, where she has flourished, established meaningful friendships, and participated in activities and programs that meet her specific needs and challenges. On most days you can probably find Vera at the card table, where she plays a mean game of gin rummy.

Vera's family has noticed a change since she began at Circle Center, even if Vera herself might not readily admit it. This is a common response from families, the sense that there is an intangible spark, a feeling of belonging, and a new sense of hope in their loved ones. Vera is able to continue to live at home with her mom, Carol, whose passions include Football, and especially the Dallas Cowboys. Vera had never been a sports fan per say, yet when she began her time at Circle Center she was encouraged to try new things. One of those was the weekly NFL "Pick the Winner" group, where Vera became a leader and began recruiting new members. Through this interactive activity, Vera discovered a new appreciation for football, a common interest she shares with her mom. Vera and Carol now share this bond and enjoy rooting on their favorite team together.

We are thankful to our village, of our friends and fellow care workers in the community, across a spectrum of disciplines, who help participants and families find their way here. Who understand that who we serve isn't limited to one category and who help a wide variety of participants become a part of our engaging, vibrant and diverse Circle Center community.
Vera (center), her sister Beth, and her niece Maggie enjoyed the Holidays together
last year and we can't wait to see how they get into the spirit this year!
A Salute to our Veterans
Recently we were able to celebrate and honor our Veterans on Veterans Day. We are always happy for an opportunity to shine a well deserved light on the veterans in our community, and especially those we serve here at Circle Center, like Jim Parker.

Jim is proud to be a veteran. A participant at Circle Center for over a year, he has regaled us with stories of his days as a member of the National Guard, a high speed radio operator in Germany, and a member of the famed 82nd Airborne Division where he participated in quite a few daring parachute jumps! Like Jim, his step-son Stephen, was also a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, where he attended the coveted U.S. Army Jumpmaster School. Stephen and Jim often reminisce about their days of service, complete with some gentle teasing about who would be considered the "novice" jumper!

We are thankful to Jim, and to Stephen, for their years of service, and for all active and retired military families, and their spouses and families.
Tuesday, December 1st
GivingTuesday is a global day of generosity that was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Over the past seven years, it has grown into a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

Click HERE to learn more about GivingTuesday and HOW you can Participate to support Circle Center and Give the Gift of Circle Center!

Save the Date and Join us on December 1st!
Congrats Alicia!
Alicia is now certified in Medication Management, join us we celebrate Alicia's accomplishments! We are grateful for her hard work, dedication and for being an integral part of Team Circle Center!
Give the Gift of a Great Review!
Just as we are grateful for community support in helping our participants find their way to Circle Center, a positive online review is another important way that people learn about our services. We are thankful for the helpful reviews that have encouraged families to see if we are the right place for their loved one. If you have some words you feel compelled to share about your experience with Circle Center, please consider a review. A few places where people search for reviews: Facebook, Yelp, Google, Care.com
Please let us know if you have any questions about how or where to make a review. Thank you for helping other families learn more!
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