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Superfoods 101 Nutrition & Cooking Classcooking
chef lisa
with Lisa Neilsen, Health Coach & Certified Natural
Foods Chef
In this hands-on, fun, informative and interactive class, you'll spend the day receiving highly personalized instruction from five cooking instructors working in small groups. Together, we will cook and enjoy simple recipes featuring a variety of superfoods. A delicious group meal will take place at the end of class.

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Saturday, January 15th

11:30am - 5:30pm
The Institute for Culinary Education
50 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011

$ 250.00

Reserve your seat today(only 20 available)!
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Holiday cheer and holiday meals are upon us. Enjoy, but don't overindulge. Let NeighborhoodTrainer tips help keep you in check this holiday season. Read on!


scott cooper
Scott Cooper Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

warmupDon't Forget... Warm-up & Stretch
It is very important to warm-up before
you exercise and to stretch after you've finished your exercise regime.

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Joshua Margolis, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Self -Image & Habits go Hand in Hand


Break out of those bad habits, and use fitness to take you there.

Your self-image and habits go hand and hand, change one and you automatically change the other. Fitness can precipitate that change by allowing you to look and feel better all while projecting that image unto yourself.

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Release Tension in Your Spine With This Simple Twist

Beth Tascione, Yoga Instructor & owner of Yoga Bliss

1) Sit up nice and tall at the edge of your chair and place both feet flat on the ground. Anchor your sitting bones into your chair and reach the crown of your head up to the sky.

2) Take a long, deep breath in and let your belly expand and breathe out completely letting your belly release toward your spine. Inhale again and lengthen your spine.

3) As you exhale twist to the right - place your left hand on the outside of your right thigh and your right hand either on the back of your chairseat or on the chairback. With each inhale lengthen your spine upward; with each exhale, draw your belly toward your spine and twist a little deeper. Don't feel like you have to keep your pelvis frozen in place; rather invite the twist to start at the base of your spine and rise up through the top of your head. With an inhale come back to center, remain for one breathing cycle and then take the twist to the other side.

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Why Drinking Water is So Important

lisa neilsen
Lisa Neilsen, Health Coach

Most of us are aware of the importance of drinking enough water. Getting our daily dose of water helps our organs perform their functions, keeps our skin clear and hydrated, and allows physical action in our bodies to flow smoothly. Even with this knowledge, it can still be challenging to drink all the water our bodies deserve daily. In the summer, when we tend to play hard, sweat and spend prolonged time in the sun, drinking plenty of water is critical. Those who are not drinking enough may experience poor digestion, sluggish thinking, skin breakouts, headaches, bad breath and general fatigue.

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