November Newest News
It's been one heck of month this November, We have had a number of different jobs, We've laid a beautiful laminate floor, hung plenty of pictures, and installed 5 railing, we've caulked tubs, sinks, and patched many drywall holes of different sizes. Erik went to check out his condo in a pre-inspection visit, we closed the cottage in what felt like mid January type weather as well. We can only hope December is just as enjoyable.
It has pulls. Using our special centering tool and a drill Erik added some pulls to his dresser this month. With the dresser being free and re-using the primer and paint from his previous projects all he needed to buy was the pulls. Meaning his girlfriend and him have an entirely new look dresser for just $45.
Tip Of The Month: Dealing with Winter
Winter is upon us. Here are a few tips that you may want think about as the inevitable snow and ice continue to arrive.

Trade Affiliates

We recently had a client of ours ask about our trade affiliates and where they could find their information. That got us thinking about all of our other wonderful clients and how many of you might have the same question. After all, you know the old saying "If you have a question, someone else probably has the same question."

All of our trade affiliates are located on our website so you can access them at anytime. Some contractors and handymen are unwilling to do this so they can charge a finders fee, but not us. At My Go-2-Guy our primary focus is on making sure our clients receive the best care possible without having to dish out unnecessary cash. Just knowing you're happy is all the compensation we need.

If you've come across any quality tradespeople that have done great work for you we'd love to know about them and possibly grow our list. To check out our list hit the link below.

The Holiday Season
With the holiday season in full swing and the pressure to buy that perfect gift for the special people in your life growing bigger. It's easy for that holly jolly feeling to disappear, but don't let that happen, just get them a My Go-2-Guy Gift Certificate.