In case you missed it after all the turkey and sweet potatoes, the most comprehensive study to date of climate change in the US was published on Black Friday. Our reactions below. We're also celebrating 10 years of the Emmett Institute - and are grateful for your support for our work. More to come! 

Cara Horowitz , co-executive director, Emmett Institute

The latest issue of UCLA Law's alumni magazine looks back on 10 years of the Emmett Institute, chronicling faculty contributions to environmental law and policy, student achievements, and alumni careers in government, advocacy, and private practice. 

“The ability of the Emmett Institute to mobilize faculty and students to address [climate change] at a very high level is unique and extremely important to us,” says Mary Nichols , chair of the California Air Resources Board.  Read the feature.  

We have two fellowship openings, both two-year faculty positions starting in July 2019: 

Ann Carlson writes in Legal Planet that the Fourth National Climate Assessment could hurt the Trump administration in court, undermining its attacks on environmental regulations.

Cara Horowitz told KPCC listeners that the report hits home how climate change impacts the country's most vulnerable communities. Appearing on VICE on HBO , Carlson said the report strengthens the legal position of environmental groups, states, and public health organizations suing to strengthen environmental standards. 

Your gift to the Emmett Institute supports our work training the next generation of environmental leaders and developing ideas that underpin ambitious action on climate change and the environment. This year, your gift will be doubled thanks to a generous matching challenge from the Emmett Foundation. Donate today or speak to Sean Hecht or Cara Horowitz about a gift.

California will need to build more utility-scale solar photovoltaic facilities in order to meet state climate goals. But those facilities can cover hundreds or thousands of acres in rural and undeveloped areas, raising environmental concerns and facing challenging local land use approval processes. A New Solar Landscape offers policy solutions for landscape-level planning. Read the report.
Perspectives on China environmental law 

Alex Wang joined the annual meeting of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, November 1-3, to follow discussions on China's environmental initiatives. Wang met with UCLA Law alumni in Beijing (pictured). This week at UC Irvine, Alex joined a wide-ranging discussion of China issues with experts from UCI, UC Berkeley, New America, and The Los Angeles Times. 

Jim Salzman and J.B. Ruhl are surveying environmental law practitioners and academics about which cases have been most important to the field. Take the survey.

Legal Planet readers this month were treated to insights on California's unique oil production (a guest post from Deborah Gordon and Frances Reuland ), the potential impacts on environmental law of Justice Kavanaugh at SCOTUS and Matthew Whitaker (pictured) at DOJ , views on the dusky gopher frog and a landmark case in the Netherlands , and an argument for tearing up the Dodger Stadium parking lot (we're still a little bitter over the World Series defeat). Make sure to subscribe for blog post updates as they're published. 
November trivia corner

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has been in the news with his visits to Paradise, CA. He's also made other headlines this fall, the theme of this month's trivia question:

A planned development in Secretary Zinke’s hometown of Whitefish, MT, backed by the chairman of Halliburton (the nation’s largest oil services company), will feature what type of business that Secretary Zinke has reportedly long dreamed of owning? 

First correct answer sent to quiz master Daniel Melling, , will receive an Emmett Institute blue notebook!

Congratulations to our previous winners, Wendy James and Eric Sezgen '19 , who had the closest guesses for the number of dead trees in Yosemite National Park after the most recent tree mortality event: 2.4 million (out of 102 million across the Sierra Nevada).
Upcoming events:

Ann Carlson will join an Environmental Law Institute webinar with Ben Grumbles, secretary of Maryland's Department of the Environment, moderated by Buzz Hines, partner, Farella Braun + Martel LLP. Details/RSVP.  

Dec. 4 - 14 | UNFCCC COP24
In Katowice, Poland, William Boyd will host a Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF) side event and reception.
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