The Bob White Invitational Karate Tournament
November 2011
"For the Kids"
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The 7th Annual Bob White Invitational

From the Tournament Director    

Dear Friends and fellow Martial Artists,


It is incredibly heartwarming to see the Kenpo Community continue to come together to support the RFKC. When we first started holding the BWI, we were KK for RFKCfortunate to have fine men like Steve LaBounty, John Sepulveda and Eddie Downey get on board and encourage their students to support the RFKC. Since then, many other great friends have become part of the team.


People like Paul Dye, Ron Sanchez, Todd Durgan, Erik Akutagawa, Chris Stewart, Chris Herrman, Stan Hatfield, Bobby Lawrence and others have taught seminars or held tournaments and donated the proceeds to the RFKC.


Other friends like Tom Bleecker, Edmund Parker, Ted Sumner, and Rich Hale continue to donate items for auction and raise funds through their actions.


Steve Cooper and Dana Stamos continue to use their connections in the martial arts community to inform thousands of people about the RFKC.


Dan Hect and the Master's Hall of Fame have donated money and are selling special collector coins for the RFKC. In 2012 Bob White will be the keynote speaker at the MOH, giving him a chance to reach out to hundreds of distinguished martial artists.


There are also people raising funds for the RFKC in ways that have nothing to do with karate. There have been restaurant fundraisers, light shows and kids selling hot chocolate. Every dollar raised helps an abused child see a brighter future.


We are incredibly grateful for all the support and encourage others to get involved. Knowing that you have made a difference in the life of a child is incredibly rewarding. 


For the kids,

Vishal Shukla

Tournament Director 
Bob White Invitational Program Book
Program Cover
2011 Program Cover
Send Your Message

Once again the Bob White Invitational will include a tournament program book. Take out an ad to send a message to your kids or students, advertise your upcoming events, or publicize your business.


This is a great way to advertise your upcoming tournament or camp.


All net proceeds from the Program will be donated to the RFKC.


Click here to see last year's book. Please  E-mail us for more information.  

The Silent Auction

Silent AuctionWant to Donate?  

Once again, the Bob White Invitational will include a silent auction at the tournament as well as a live auction at the banquet. Many great items will be auctioned, including rare Kenpo memorabilia. If you have something you want to donate to the auction, E-mail us and let us know.


All net proceeds from the auction are donated to the Royal Family Kids Camp! In previous years, friends like Edmund Parker, Mike Pick, Ted Sumner, Tom Bleecker, Rich Hale, Wes Idol, Bill Piper, Brad Billings, and others have donated items that have raised thousands of dollars for the kids.

Quick Links
2012 Welcome Banquet
Tickets are Selling Fast

Tickets for the Bob White Invitational Welcome Banquet, to be held on Friday March 23, 2012 at Seacliff Country Club, are selling fast. We anticipate another complete sellout and encourage those who are attending to make early reservations. Tickets can be purchased here. If you have any questions, please E-mail Barbara White.

Our guest speaker is New York Times bestselling author and brain imaging

Amen 2
Dr. Daniel Amen

specialist Dr. Daniel Amen,who will address the effects of abuse in children, as well as the effects of kindness in the healing process. Dr. Amen's message is sure to motivate us to be in service to this highly worthy cause.

We are also honored to welcome YouTube

Master Ken
Master Ken 

sensation Master Ken and his students. Click here to see Master Ken teaching his students the secrets of the most devastating technique in the martial arts.

Bowling For Dollars
BowlingSaturday November 19 

BWKS is holding a fundraiser for the Royal Families Kids Camp on November 19th, from 6 - 8pm, at Fountain Valley Bowl.  Kids ages 17 and under can compete to win prizes and raise money for a good cause.


Participants get pledges for pins knocked down in one game, and all proceeds are donated to the RFKC .


Awards will be given for most money raised, most strikes, most/least number of pins, etc. Prizes include embroidered uniforms, sparring gear, private lessons, and more!  


Please contact BWKS for more information. Flyers and pledge sheets are available at the front desk of the studio.


We're looking forward to seeing you for an evening of fun, good friends, and great prizes!

Why I Support The Bob White Invitational 

Tom Bleecker
By Tom Bleecker

"Renowned author Joseph Campbell (The Power of Myth) once said, "To the whole world you might be just one person, but to one person you might just be the whole world." This single quote resonates in my ears when I reflect on the work that Bob White does in helping the children who benefit from the funds donated by the Bob White Invitational."


By Jeff Speakman 

Jeff Speakman 

"Seldom in today's martial arts world can you find a Black Belt with the history, integrity and wisdom of Bob White. This is why I support Mr. White and every endeavor he pursues."


Vendors Wanted!
Sparring Gear Tables Available

We have plenty of space for vendor tables at the BWI. If you are interested, please E-mail us and let us know. You can advertise your business or sell your products.


If you have a story, want to acknowledge someone or something, please send it to me. and we will post it in our next newsletter. Thank you.
See you in March!

Vishal Shukla

Tournament Director

Bob White Invitational