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Benefit From New, Smarter Machine Vision AI-
Now with Color
Cognex Machine Vision
Now, when your machine vision testing really depends on color differentiation, you can have an even more helpful solution, with Cognex ViDi Color.
Color typically helps provide better results with Deep Learning because there is more information available in the image for the neural network to learn from. Adding a color layer can be very beneficial in component classification and/or assembly verification type applications.

• Speed-up time-to-market by drastically reducing programming time and feasibility efforts
• Broaden inspection solutions portfolio
• Ease of Configuration: There's no need to be a programming and vision expert or Artificial Intelligence expert to use this
• Cost-efficient: A truly versatile and configurable solution
• Safety for the final customer, thanks to reliable and consistent automatic quality control which outperforms a human inspector
• Data gathering to ensure process improvement and quality increase
A New Palletizing Solution Brings Simplicity
and Flexibility
With the new Robotiq Palletizing Solution, simplicity meets flexibility. Set up your application in 3 easy steps through the user-friendly Material Handling Copilot application software. Generate and automatically optimize all trajectories and robot movements using only the following:
  • Box dimensions and weight
  • Pallet dimensions
  • Pallet pattern
Validate your throughput KPIs right from the start with your own data!
Palletizing solution is quick to receive, quick to install, quick to set-up. Open the box, and the hardware and software are already connected.
Scan Shiny Surfaces at High Resolutions
and Wider Fields of View
The latest addition to the popular LMI Gocator 2400 series is these new blue laser line profilers. These are designed for precision 3D scanning of shiny materials (e.g. machined-metal surfaces in CE and battery), and offer a range of wide fields of view for applications in various key markets such as EV battery, consumer electronics, rail, and factory automation.
  • Embedded processor for high-speed scanning
  • Optimized optical design for increased measurement sensitivity
  • Class 2 blue laser for high-sensitivity scanning on shiny parts
  • Wide field of view for greater scan coverage with fewer sensors
Improve the Safety & Efficiency of Goods Transfers
of Your Mobile Industrial Robots
ROEQ has rolled out 6 exciting new solutions that work with MiR AMR's.
  • Instead of relying on wifi connections which can be unstable, GuardCom connects directly to your ROEQ top roller and to the stationary conveyor station, eliminating the need for receiving stations that take up valuable floor space. It uses well-proven sensor technology to do the handoff between the robot and the conveyor, checking that the robot is in place and ready in order to ensure the safety of the goods to be transported.
  • The brand-new Top Rollers – the TR125 Manual 250, and the TR125 Auto 250 for the MiR 250 robot, give you the possibility of manual or automatic height adjustments. With the TR125 Auto 250, you can pick up and drop off goods at different heights, thanks to its scissor mechanism. The TR500 Auto and TR1000 Auto have a built-in lifting mechanism for the larger MiR 500 and 1000 robots.
  • The new TML1000 Lifter, with a stroke of 250mm, lets you pick up and deliver goods from your lines at different heights using your MiR 500 or 1000 robots.  It has built-in mounting holes so you can add customized accessories, like fork plates. 
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