We Are Now Accepting Mentor & Mentee Applications for the LEAP Mentor Program!

What is the LEAP Mentor Program?

The LEAP (Leadership Equity Accelerated Pathway) Initiative’s mission is to train and support young adults through their academic and early careers by providing well-informed programs and services that strengthen their skills and support the many complex challenges they face. 

The LEAP Initiative Mentor Program is the first stage in this transformative and multi-layered initiative focused on developing a sustainable generation of diverse, empowered, and well-informed individuals. 

The program will take place over the course of 6 months, starting in November 2020 through May 2021. Pairs will meet for at least 1 hour a month and take part in 3 tailored educational training sessions over the course of the 6 months.

Mentors will be matched with college through early career aged mentees. Mentor and Mentee pairs will work together solving attainable goals, resolving challenges and removing barriers with the support of IEED and RIBBA. 
Program Timeline
Why You Should Participate as a Mentee or Mentor
It is widely known that diversity is the key to organizational innovation and success. Though companies are working much more aggressively to create a more inclusive workplace and hire a more diverse workforce, there are still barriers within the system that are being navigated by underrepresented individuals daily.

We believe that mentorship and coaching build the foundation to a stronger academic and career trajectory. Research shows that mentors help students stay in school, stay focused and achieve their goals.
Apply Today! Deadline for Applications is October 28, 2020 by end of day.
For more information and questions, please contact: info@ri-bba.org