Nominate the 2018 Woman of Promise!
Are you a Woman of Promise? 
Do you know someone who is?
Each year since 1996 the Board of Trustees of the New Directions Career Center (formerly known as Center for New Directions) recognizes one woman who has made outstanding progress in closing the gap between the life she wanted and the life she had. You can nominate yourself or another woman you know for this honor.
Nominee Eligibility Requirements
A woman must meet three criteria to be eligible for this consideration:

- Be a graduate in any year (since 1980!) of at least one core program of NDCC.

- Believe that the experiences provided by the Center significantly influenced her to use her potential and advance toward fulfilling work that contributes to increased financial security. 

- Be willing to share her story of life change with the public through presentations and publications sponsored by New Directions Career Center, offered as a valuable resource.

Her Woman of Promise story will be used by the Center as tools of inspiration and motivation. She will encourage other women to improve their lives, as well as individuals, businesses, and other organizations to support programs of the Center that empower women.
Nomination Deadlines
Deadline for submission of the 2018 Woman of Promise nomination form is 5 p.m. Thursday, February 22, 2018 . Selection will be completed by March 1, 2018.
Nominate Today!
A woman who meets the eligibility criteria for the 2018 Woman of Promise may identify herself as worthy of consideration. In this case, she should complete the 2018 Woman of Promise Nomination form
Anyone may know a woman who meets the eligibility criteria for the 2018 Woman of Promise. In this case, she or he should invite the woman of interest to review the eligibility criteria and, if eligible, encourage or even assist the eligible woman to complete the 2018 Woman of Promise Nomination form
View a Gallery of Past Honorees
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