Special Announcement: We now have a banking solution for Dispensaries , Grows, Edible Companies and more!
Announcing an affordable, insured and safe

Hi, we are the producers of The Marijuana Show and one of our Investment banking companies has partnered with The Marijuana Show to provide your Dispensary with a bank account, ability to accept credit cards, get loans, and expand like every other legal business! 

So would you like a bank account for your dispensary business that is privately insured up to $149 Million dollars? Want to offer customers the ability to pay with credit cards?  Do you need an ATM machine?  Do you need a loan, investment or mentorship?

We offer compliance with the banks and even pick up the money twice a week with a top Security firm.  No hassle for you. 

If you are interested, start application process, call or email us and we can set up an initial call. Email here

More about The Marijuana Show

The Marijuana Shot is "Shark Tank for Cannabis Businesses" - CNBC  We have "access to over $10 million this season." - FORBES

We are a marketing, PR and entertainment company with the first to market pitch show for the Cannabis space. 

Forbes writes about Season Two: FORBES

Some facts

CNBC Writes: " Because marijuana remains banned by Congress, banks and security firms deny services to most dispensaries. That leaves them cash-based and vulnerable, a magnet for criminals..."

The marijuana industry's reliance on cash increases risk for both customers and marijuana merchants. Customers must travel to the merchant's location while carrying large amounts of cash, which makes them obvious targets for theft. Shop owners are a similarly easy mark, which has forced many dispensaries to invest in bank-grade safes, security systems, and other anti-theft measures. This reliance on cash for all of a business's payments-those made to suppliers, employees, and the state-only increases costs for shop owners and reinforces the perception that they aren't operating legitimate businesses.
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