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We ARE Virtual! We ARE Ready!
Let us start this newsletter by saying "Thank you" to everyone for being on this journey with us.
We are navigating through unchartered waters and recognize that we have taken a bit longer than anticipated in getting the exhibitor packages to you.
For those that know us, when we decide to do something, we are strategic, we go hard and we do it well! We don't rush decisions that would compromise our objectives, we focus on creating and delivering exceptional experiences for attendees and high ROI for exhibitors.
While this has always been our mandate and culture for the face-to-face show, we have approached our planning for the virtual show in the same manner.
In addition to planning and getting ready to send detailed information to you, we have been inundated with calls from exhibitors that shared ideas and requests to participate in the virtual show. We always welcome the opportunity to speak with exhibitors, as these conversations provide input and help guide us, and this process has consistently contributed to the success of the Vancouver Show and where we are today.
We are confident that exhibitors will be happy with what we have put together and that it will deliver exceptional ROI. We are excited about leaving 2020 behind and kicking off 2021 with a Virtual Show and working together with you on this new direction!
Being transparent, we recognize this will not be a frictionless process for everyone. We know the learning curve will be higher for some than others. We understand this will be all new for everybody, as it has been for us while developing the best virtual platform for our industry and show.
We have no concerns whatsoever about exhibitors ability to be ready by February 24, based on the type of platform we have chosen.
Please see below for the Sales Brochure, Virtual Space Rates, More Opportunities Outside Your Virtual Space and the Renewal Process
Virtual Space Rates & Application Process
VIBS Virtual
Virtual Show Dates: February 24-27, 2021
There is plenty of time to select the virtual space package that meets your objectives and to get your space ready!
Price packages are designed to appeal to all levels of participation.
All returning exhibitors from the 2020 show will receive a complimentary traditional listing.
Exhibitors who want to maximize their results and participate beyond a complimentary traditional listing - there are 3 virtual packages to select from.
All exhibitors must be members of Boating BC to be eligible to participate.
Important Documents!!
(click each to open documents)
The Virtual Renewal Process: 
  1. Review the options and select how you wish to participate (VIBS Virtual #1, VIBS Virtual #2, VIBS Virtual #3, VIBS Listing, or decline VIBS Listing with reason)
  2. Fill out the application fields with contact information, list the products/services to be displayed. All boat exhibitors please list boat brands. This requirement is for contracting purposes. Opportunity will be provided to manage your product and service descriptions and boat brands inside the Unity Platform.
  3. EMAIL your completed space application to Eric Nicholl
  4. Payment required in full with signed application
  5. Apply 5% GST to the rates
  6. Cheques payable to Canadian Boat Shows 
All four team members; Wendy McCarroll, Eric Nicholl, Cynthia Hare and Linda Waddell will be working on the application process with exhibitors. You will be receiving a personal email from Eric Nicholl directly this week with this same information, as not all exhibitors will see the newsletter. You can reply to Eric with your signed application, or use the application attached in this newsletter and send back to Eric directly.
An orientation webinar will be offered to all exhibitors and potential exhibitors to provide more information about the platform, its functions, as well as answer any questions.
Date: Thursday, January 14, 11am-12:30pm PST. We will send out an invite and ZOOM link in a newsletter next week.
A "Booth Builder" training video will also be provided the week of January 18th.
More Opportunities Available Outside Your Virtual Space
Increase your profile at the Virtual Show!
There are a limited number of extra features and sponsorship opportunities for Exhibitors who are seeking exposure beyond their virtual show space.
Consider some of these opportunities:
Run of Site (ROS) Virtual Show Ads - click for examples
30 & 60 second commercials rotating between content on "VIBS Live" show feature
VIBS Social Media
Sponsorship Categories:
Free Registration, Seminars, Info Booth, Safe Boating, Community Discussion & Newsletters!
To be a sponsor you must have a virtual space at the show.
Sponsorship categories will go quickly - so act fast if you are interested.
Click here for Virtual Space Package & Pricing
"Live" Show Hours
"Live" Show Dates are February 24 - 27
Exhibitors are encouraged to be on-line or available for open hours of the show
Wednesday - Friday
11:00 am - 7:00 pm
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Those that have virtual space packages # 1- 3 will have opportunity to upload your sales team photos, contact information and set their availability so consumers can easily reach out and ask questions during the hours of the live show.
More information and support to come in the next newsletters.
We are here to help so after reading through the material if you need assistance one of our team will be an email or phone call away.
Exhibitor Newsletter
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Your Main Source of Communication
Exhibitor newsletters are our primary communication method. They provide important information about the Vancouver Boat Show to assist and contribute to a successful experience.
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Protect Yourself Against Fraud
Some Vancouver exhibitors have been receiving emails, phone calls and mail from companies offering to sell data and contact information relating to show attendees.
We provide NO data to these companies, and strongly advise that you ignore any communications received.
Exhibitors are also being contacted by companies "appearing" to represent the Vancouver Boat Show while soliciting exhibitor listing information and hotel reservations. These companies are in no way associated with Canadian Boat Shows.
Linda Waddell, Eric Nicholl, Cynthia Hare and Wendy McCarroll are the only Boat Show staff that will contact you to request information.
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