Now Available: Post Date of Policy Coverage for Commercial Lenders
As a follow-up to our bulletin sent November 23rd we are pleased to announce that our new Post Date of Policy Commercial Lender Endorsement is now available!

This Endorsement provides another layer of protection for commercial institutional lenders in 1st or 2nd priority* against certain issues that first arise after the closing (i.e., Date of Policy) of the insured mortgage and that are beyond the lender’s control.

The Post Date of Policy Commercial Lender Endorsement covers loss or damage arising from situations occurring after the date of policy where:
  • An Improvement is constructed by, or on behalf of, the owner or tenant of an adjoining parcel of land that encroaches onto the insured land;
  • An Improvement is constructed on the insured land that encroaches onto adjoining land or onto an easement to which the insured land is subject; 
  • An Improvement is constructed on the insured land that violates the building setback requirements that were in effect as at the Date of Policy;
  • There is a violation on the insured land of an enforceable Covenant, unless a Schedule B exception that does not include an Affirmative Assurance identifies the document or instrument containing the Covenant;
  • A Work Order or Deficiency Notice is issued by a Governmental or Quasi-governmental Authority against the insured land; and
  • An Improvement is constructed on the insured land without a valid building permit from the appropriate Governmental or Quasi-Governmental issuing office or without obtaining an occupancy certificate from the appropriate Governmental or Quasi-Governmental issuing office, provided that a building permit and/or occupancy certificate would have been required by such office at time of construction or completion of the Improvement.
Our new Endorsement is available for an additional one-time premium of $100, plus applicable tax, for transactions up to $50 million. For transactions over $50 million, please contact your Business Development Manager or our Underwriting Department.

To order, simply select the Endorsement as part of your next commercial order. Underwriting guidelines may apply depending on the nature of the transaction.

Obtain the Best Coverage in the Industry 
With the new enhanced coverage of our Post Date of Policy Commercial Lender Endorsement, your commercial lender clients can take comfort in knowing that they are receiving the best available coverage.
DEC 6, 2021
NTL (excl. QC)

This bulletin is intended to provide general information only.

* For full coverage details, please refer to a copy of our policy and the Post Date of Policy Commercial Lender Endorsement. This Endorsement is only available for commercial institutional lenders whose insured mortgage is 1st or 2nd priority on title. Underwriting guidelines may apply.

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