Now Available: Driving Dynamics 2019 Summer-Fall Behind-the-Wheel Fleet Driver Safety Training  Open Enrollment Schedule

The 2019 Summer-Fall DriveReady Schedule is Here!

This foundational behind-the-wheel driver safety course, held each year at more than 200 locations across North America, is designed for drivers of passenger cars through medium-duty vehicles.

  • 30+ Years Experience in Fleet Driver Safety
  • The One Second Advantage Philosophy
  • Full-Time Professional Instructors
  • Low Instructor-to-Student Ratio
  • Sophisticated Adult Instructional Design
  • Mobile Classrooms Onsite with Driving Exercises
  • Patented Controlled Slide Car
  • Offered as an Employer-Dedicated Course
Curriculum Highlights!
  • Proper Use of Driver Assist Systems
  • Behavioral Triggers and Responses
  • Close-Quarter Maneuvering Exercises

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